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October 17, 2016

Design Plan | A shared little girls' room

Happy Monday, friends.  You know how you see a thousand memes about letting the dishes sit in the sink because babies don't keep.  Well, I'm about over that.  I've spent the past three hours ignoring my children and cleaning my house.  I just can't concentrate when it's a mess.  Tagg is sick. I think it's just seasonal allergies or a little cold but for him that means around the clock nebulizer treatments to keep his asthma under control.  Wells is off from school today and has a friend over so I think they're upstairs playing American Girl Dolls go to Target to buy Shopkins.  Keep moving, nothing basic to see over here.  Anyway, I started this post at 10:45 and it's now 4:15 and I'm just now getting it posted.  Story of my life.

My friend Meg asked for my help doing a little zhushing in her little girls' shared bedroom. They just moved into this house a few months ago and already have a great blank slate to start from  but now it's time to add in just a bit of color and whimsy worthy of their fun personalities!

The girls are five and seven and which is hard because they're young and sweet but you don't want a room that resembles a nursery nor do you want to choose things that they'll outgrow in a few years.  I could easily see this room transitioning to tween.

nightstands || beds || art  || rug || pillow sham || pillow case || removal cloud decal wallpaper || chandelier || star lights || dollhouse || lamb doll / bunny doll || curtains

I always love to lead with the after version but the before is really pretty and I knew y'all would want to see what she's starting with.  Like I mentioned before, Wells was home today so she threw in a few must have's for her little friends' room like sparkly lights and their names on their pillows :)  I have to agree, all little girls need some twinkle lights!

Get the look:

A few of the other art I picked out for the room, all perfect for little girls!

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  1. such a sweet room! you've got an eye for design.


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