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October 19, 2016

Sweatshirt Season

I'm about as basic as they come.  I love to put on a pair of black leggings with my uggs, throw on a plaid scarf and order a pumpkin spice latte´ (#PSL, y'all) to drink while filling my cart with $3 seasonal decor at Target.  My house has a pumpkin-ish scented candle going and the leopard pillows and fur blankets have made their way to the couch.  Show me a fall meme and I'll see you that one and raise it by two.  But do you want to know what is a new and surprising celebration of Fall I've come to learn about this year?  The official start of sweatshirt season at the bus stop.

Hallelujah and praise the lord I no longer need to pretend I've just come back from barre or even get dressed to get my little bug off to school.  I'm already tip-toeing around the house trying to get her dressed and fed and out the door in partial darkness and utmost quiet so we don't wake up baby brother at this early hour.  Sneaking back up creaky stairs to find a bra just sucked.  Now I'm stress free as I throw on a fleece or hoodie and proudly walk my girl out the front door looking completely together without even getting dressed.  Yes ma'am, some might argue this is a new fashion low but for me it's embracing my season of life!  Proud supporter of Sweatshirt Season from now on!

Now before you worry and conjure up thoughts of winnie the pooh pajama pants, let's get back on track.  I'm talking full on bra free leisure-wear, not a loss of dignity.  Let's take a look, shall we?

black leggings (I've got my eye on these black fleece lined leggings as well) || funnel neck sweatshirt || vest || vineyard vines dot hooded sweatershirt || Ruffle Hem sweatshirt || Didn't Wake Up Like This || HUNTER boots || ugg slip on sneakers || black tote || excursion vest || infinity scarf ||


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  1. Haha this post was great :D I think it's a new HIGH not a new low and if being this basic is wrong I don't want to be right! love the grey hoodie and the puffer vests!

    It's The Little Things

  2. I start to wear long-sleeve shirt, because the fall is coming in my city. Like your recommendation. Here is the imprints-tshirt website where I can get the shirts with beautiful design ideas.


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