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November 16, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's cold hands and feet season.  Dang, that happened fast this year.  We're headed to the mountains this weekend with a chance of snow flurries and then on to Pittsburgh a few days later where I know more cold awaits us.  I actually love cold weather so I'm pretty excited about it.  I love to bundle up and have cold cheeks.  The rest of me better be warm though!  I have really poor circulation and winter is harsh on my hands and feet.  They go numb pretty quickly.  While I'm still a major fan of the Hunter Boots + Fleece liner look, I think it's time I upgraded to something a bit more heavy duty for snow days and other times I'm going to be mostly outside like tailgates and oyster roasts and standing around my driveway while the kids play.  Last year was literally painful on my feet, I just couldn't keep them warm.  Any suggestions?

Barbour Jacket || pom pom beanie || Sorel Boots || patagonia pullover || UGG fleece lined socks || UGG adirondack II waterproof boot  || UGG headphone shearling earmuffs || cowl neck sweater (on sale for $27) || HUE fleece lined leggings || mock-neck cable knit poncho (also comes in a lovely lavender-greyish color || open back sweater (I'd wear a fitted tank or long sleeve tee underneath but a pretty lace bralette / lavender bralette or sticky boobs for an open back look would be awesome if you're feeling brave!) || faux fur scarf || Burberry Leather Tech Gloves (what a fun splurge stocking stuffer!)  || Barbour wool plaid + leather gloves (love these but don't love that they're not "tech" so better suited for the less iphone addicted) || Quilted water-resistant tech gloves || striped infinity scarf || original hunter boots wellie socks ||

My go to for warm coats are Barbour and Patagonia.  I've had the best look with warmth and quality. I have many pieces well over a decade old and they just get better with age!

I know, how original and frat-tastic of me but they literally keep me the warmest.  I have other coats and down vests and jackets that I love for when it's not as cold Like my Old Navy quilted vest that's cheap and cute all for looks so it's perfect for mild weather or my Lilly Pulitzer down vest and fleeces, love them but not right for really cold temps.

OLD NAVY has 50% off outwear + sweaters with code: WARM

Let's talk boots.  As I mentioned before I've been a major fan of Hunter boots for over a decade.  I bought my first pair right out of college because y'all know in Charleston when it rains it pours and the streets of downtown Charleston on a rainy day are no joke.  I still love them for a billion reasons and they're my go-to for rainy days, yard work, and running errands when it's chilly out.  But even with the fleece liner they're not even coming close to cutting it for snow days.  I have a pair of Bean boots but not the shearling lined one so those are on my radar to try.  Thoughts?  Recommendations?

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  1. So much goodness! Loving all of those sweaters and I need that toboggan!

    Southern Style

  2. I got a pair of Sorels for Christmas last year and they kept my toes toasty on snowy days. I live just outside Toronto and so I'm sure if they're good for the weather we get, they'll be fine for you!

    1. Awesome! I feel like I've heard that but didn't know anyone who actually has them!

  3. I have the Ugg Adirondack boots and my feet have never been cold in them! I live in Pittsburgh and we have cold winters, for sure. Also, I just purchased the Ugg McKay bootie. They are new, a part of their city collection. I have purchased genuine shearling foot bed liners for some of my other boots- they have made a difference. Ugg makes one. There are so many great,stylish choices now! Good luck!

    1. Thank you! So good to know! I'm headed to Pittsburgh next week :)


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