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How to Lady up a leather sofa

November 9, 2016

I moved my desk into our living room last week and surprise surprise the children followed me in here.  Ha!  I just can't escape.  I used to take full control of the family room but since the switch I've given it over to Matthew.  Our big white sofa is his favorite nap spot and he's finally got the tv back.

My new goal is to lady up the leather sofa and create a warm and inviting office space.  I know many of y'all have to work around a leather couch so we might as well embrace it.  And while I can't say I'd ever chose one over my favorite white sofas, it's pretty dang nice that I can clean up after the kids with a clorox wipe and not spot remover and three three loads of laundry.

gold rim picture frame with large mat || glass lamp || gold end table || leather sofa || art piece one / art piece two || Kelly Wearstler Bengal Bazaar pillow covers || Schumacher Indian Arbor pillow cover || coffee table || jute rug || faux shearling rug || chair || candle || Chloe art print || pom pom throw || hammered candle holders || coasters || leopard lamp || food and beer cook book

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  1. I moved my desk into our living room last week


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