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November 11, 2016

Just a few things I like this morning.

Happy Friday!

So today is going to be beyond random.  I've just a few things that caught my eye on the interwebs lately.  Hope everyone is having a good wrap up to the week.  Only one more day until Friday!  Holla!!!

 J. Crew // They just unloaded the Holiday Gift Guide which is always my favorite thing they post of the year.  Plus take 25% full price styles and an extra 40% off clearance with code:  SALETIME


Indoor Slides // I know my kids are probably too old for this and our house really isn't big enough nor the ceilings tall enough but dang if this built-in bunk bed slide isn't amazing.  While maybe not the best for a shared bedroom (can you imagine the fights over who gets the top bunk?!) I keep picturing this set up in a play room.  It would be the absolute best spot for kids snuggling up and reading or building secret spy lairs and weekend sleepovers for family movie nights.


Cow Painting // I'm in love with this cow.  Usually this time of year I'm starting to get most into neutrals but lately I've been much more into adding color into our house and in my clothes!


Holiday Skirt on sale // the gorgeous skirt I posted about last week is all on sale for 40% off now just in time for cocktail party season to start rolling in!  Check out the rest of the post on Holiday dresses here.


Lasagna Soup // I haven't made recipe in over a year but tonight is the night!  It's so easy and really freaking good!  Get the recipe here.

Beautycounter // A few of y'all have asked me to tell you my favorite beautycounter products and I'm working on a post for that soon after I try out a little bit more of the line this weekend!  My friend Taylor just got the charcoal mask and a few other goodies she's going to share with me so I'll report back.  I thought you might also be interested in a few of the Holiday Gift Sets in the meantime.  Our Favorites for Your Favorite is a great starter set for someone curious about trying out the line.   And of course the Shimmer and Shine Set it pretty much amazing for everyone looking for a safe and pretty glow! 

Turkey & Cranberry Grilled Cheese // My favorite part of Thanksgiving food is the creations my husband makes with the leftovers!


Citrus Holiday Potpourri // Have y'all tried this?  I did once but you couldn't really smell it past the stove top.  I want something natural that will make the entire house smell good! At least this looks pretty

Happy Weekend everyone!!!  


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