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November 18, 2016

One Room Challenge || Linking Participants Favorites Part 1

I finally got a chance to start going through the finished spaces for the One Room Challenge Linking Participants! There is so much goodness so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you this morning.  I pretty much just went in order here from when they posted so there will be lots of good coming in another post because I can't fit it all into one!  Awesome job, ladies!!!!

KellyNan's Office Reveal

Holy crap. Y'all know I love this one. All the white and cream and grey and gold and navy.  Yes Ma'am.  Another neutral room that feels polished and cozy.  I think my two favorite things about her office makeover reveal are the desktop computer and the tv on the wall.  I feel like those two real life work from home elements are often missing from pretty office spaces!  I know most people probably just use a lap top but many of us still need a desktop and it's always nice to see how you can incorporate that into a desk and still make it pretty.

Erin Spain's Coffee Bar

 I mean girlfriend made a gorgeous space dedicated to one of my favorite!  This is a seriously cool butler's pantry makeover that obviously could double as a bar or buffet when she entertains but she owns the space for what her family actually uses it for every day.  I think I want a coffee bar and a face washing station.  Those are my new goals.

House Plus Love-Brittany's Office Space

Holy Crap.  I don't mean to over use that term, but seriously, holy crap.  As much as I gravitate toward a very neutral setting you can't help but fall in love with this happy space!  It's colorful and fun and preppy and wild yet pulled together so perfectly.  It's like she took every awesome thing she could find and created the coolest office of all time.  You just know this chick is a good time.  I want to be her friend!  Although there is absolutely no way I could ever get anything done in this space, I would be staring at all the pretties and petting the wall.

Polished Habitat Pink Office Reveal

Another pretty office space that looks good from the front hall but clearly has the designated space and tools to GSD when the doors are closed.  While I haven't gone this pink in my own house in years I still love the look!  I'm a big fan of the blue curtains and bookshelf styling.

Bless'er House Playroom makeover

Can't go wrong with a cute playroom.  Anyone with kids is always scouring ways to make the rooms in their house look more pulled together and less like an unorganized toy closet.  Lots of good basics here that will evolve as the kids grow too.

2Bees In A Pod She Shed

They had me at She Shed.  And it's amazing.  The outside is simple and pretty.  I love the rock and the deck with planters and all windows should have window boxes in my opinion (hint hint honey!!!).  I actually love what they've done inside as well.  The space looks fun and comfortable and doesn't take itself too seriously.  Every piece is well thought out and cohesive yet it looks like some just threw it together (in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY).  Effortless and cozy and for the gals.

Vanessa Francis Design's Kitchen Makeover

I love a good classic kitchen!  It just goes to show you that white cabinets + white counter tops + white subway tile is always in style and when doesn't have to look sterile or overly pinterest 2016.  The key is to add in your personality like she did here!

House Updated Modern Bedroom Reveal

So much goodness here.  Love the clean lines and little details.  Lots of textures going on here as well which always help a neutral room feel finished.  I can't get over the balcony, how fun is that?  I want a room with a view!

 Seriously, it is really hard work to pull a room together on the fly and I'm so impressed by everyone's ability to get it done!  I can't wait to go check out more of the finished rooms and start binge reading all the new blogs I've found!



  1. Thank you so much for posting these. I rarely have time to go through all the amazing guest participants in the ORC so it's helpful to see the ones that some people like best.

  2. Thank you so much for the playroom love! I've had no time at all to scour through all of the ORC links. These are gorgeous!

  3. We can't thank you enough for showcasing The Hive...our she shed makeover! We greatly appreciate the love!

    Vicki and Jenn
    2 Bees in a Pod


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