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November 10, 2016

Thanksgiving Table Settings

I've got a random post for you this morning!  I *think* I finally have both kids back in school for the first time in weeks.  One had a cold and laryngitis and then the other one got pneumonia...again. Of course the little one coughed a few times after bedtime last night and called downstairs that "I fink I've got the amonia'.  Face palm.  He's still sleeping so we'll see how he's doing when he wakes up.

I swear they are back and forth with the germs.  Y'all weren't kidding when you warned me about the elementary school funk.  Is it still called truancy when they're in Kindergarten and actually sick?  I can provide a doctor's note :)

We're going to be in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving this year and somehow we've managed to get invited to a Thanksgiving feast with my husband's whole extended family where I just show up with my cute kids.  Dang, that's a treat!  So while I may not be setting our own Thanksgiving table or cooking up some delicious sides I still like to look at them and thought they might inspire your table.

Enjoy the pretty!

 Simple and elegant but casual and inviting.  I can't get enough of these pretty tabletops!  You really can't go wrong mixing natural elements like wood, pumpkins and fresh greens with clear glass and lots of candles on a white or linen tablecloth.  So pretty!

image one || two || three || four || five

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  1. Saving this post for my thanksgiving tablescape. Lovely ideas!!


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