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December 30, 2016

Dressing Room Diaries

Y'all, how is everyone doing?  I didn't mean to be gone so long, but life got in the way again.  I can't believe Christmas has come and gone already.  It felt fast this year; too fast.  Did everyone have a good holiday?  We've been sick over here.  I got strep throat just in time for Christmas and several friends got hit with the stomach bug and random fevers.  Such a bummer to feel so yucky but at least we could all hole up in the house with new toys.

I ventured out of the house for the first time since Monday doctors appointments and immediately went to scope out the after Christmas sales and check out all the new merchandise being unleashed.  So much goodness!  I thought I would take one for the team and risk awkwardness on the internet so show you how a few of my favorite things I found look off the hanger.

Not surprisingly, I was able to find some awesome winter outfits at Nordstrom that help conceal the holiday calorie splurge I've been on since November.  Ha!

A field jacket is a great way to casual up a look without compromising style.  I personally suggest splurging for a barbour jacket if you can because they are incredibly well made and will never go out of style.  Twenty years from now you'll still be pulling it out of your closet.  But, it that's just not in the budget there are lots of great less expensive options that give you the same look! 

Both pairs fit really well.  I will say I'm a loyal and devoted Rag&Bone fan.  They fit like a glove and make my thighs look smaller.  They're comfortable and never lose their shape.  That being said, I think the kut from the kut version are every bit as comfortable and cute.  Just make sure you size down at least one size because they stretch.

The website says it runs large and to order a size down but I disagree.  I'm usually a small or extra small (probably closer to a small these days) and I'm wearing the medium here and it fits really well.  

   OFF THE SHOULDER SWEATER || JEANS (look for less) top + left || JEANS right + bottom

RUFFLE SWEATSHIRT || BARBOUR JACKET (similar, can't find exact one online) || JEANS (look for less)

Also, don't forget to check out the amazing and incredible deals found in the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.  Best way to spend that Christmas Money.  Holla!

Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!  And thank you to my readers for bearing with me in the awkward dressing room selfies in the name of finding good clothes that fit!


  1. Thanks for sharing all this stuff! I have to say, I'm shocked it's not looked down upon to Rstyle stuff from the dressing room (pre-purchase). It's odd to shill something that you yourself didn't commit to buying?

    1. Thanks for your input! I think it's similar to how a sales clerk gets a commission for your purchase even though she or he most likely doesn't own everything from the store and certainly isn't expected by the store to buy everything they'd suggest for you.

  2. Where can I find those booties? Thanks

    1. Ahh! They're sam edelman from last year and I can't find them online...give me a minute and I'll look around for something similar!

  3. I love these posts!! Thanks so much; it saves me so much time!! I love your style! And, I agree that the Rag and Bone jeans make my thighs smaller! Worth every dollar! Happy New Year!

  4. As someone who used to work at Nordstrom, I find your explanation to the first commenter both idiotic and insulting. Posting an affiliate link is in no way comparable to an employee at Nordstrom who stands on their feet for a 12 hour shift, pulling countless items from multiple departments to provide a supreme customer service experience to a client (and a lot of times to have no sale to show for the effort), as well as the time effort and energy that is put into personal phone calls to clients who you have an actual real personal relationship with (not a blog relationship). You got called out for shilling and made a huge mistake comparing yourself to an actual retail salesperson. I am disgusted Nordstrom has parternered with you now. Don't overinflate what you do by taking pictures in a dressing room and posting affiliate links.

    PS- next time give a shout out to the salesperson at Nordstrom who helped make your shilling possible. I guarantee you are making a lot more money off your selfie than they are doing the actual work at Nordstrom.

    1. I'm not sure you will find a blogger/instagrammer who doesn't occasionally if not regularly post "dressing room diaries" style posts. I certainly don't think I "got called out for shilling" as I very clear state over and over again that I do in fact "shill" (to use your term) on this blog regularly and it's nothing I try to slip in or hide. I continue to use affiliate links despite some readers offense at the entire system because it helps support my family.

      The way I read the first comment above was her pointing out that she thinks I should only use affiliate links on items I've bought (which is a fair question and one that has been brought up before) and I was simply trying to make a quick reference to my train of thought on when and why I use affiliate links for things I love and want but can't necessarily afford to purchase. It sounds like my analogy was off base and offensive to retail workers and I apologize for that.

      That being said, I really am sorry you were so offended. I certainly wasn't trying to say I have the exact same job description as someone who works retail; that is probably one of the most mentally and physically demanding jobs in America and also one of the most underappreciated and underpaid.

      In fact, I urge everyone to listen to this podcast. Maybe my misstep can be used to bring awareness to the hell of working retail. There are also several other podcasts from SMNTY that give a behind the scenes glimpse.

  5. Julia, I love your style. I'm sure you also tried on items omitted from the post, only recommending your favorites. Just like a magazine editor, I do not expect you to own everything included in your articles and posts. And, just like a magazine, expect you to generate revenue from your blog which I have always loved reading. In addition, your compensation for the time it takes you to write, photograph, and edit these posts should not be discounted. You are professional, disclose properly to your readers, and post in an honest way. And a note on retail : as someone who worked in retail marketing for years, holy moly can a good sales person make an impact on sales and they should be compensated fairly too -- I try to shop offline and in stores as much as I can!


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