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February 2, 2017

Beautycounter Richmond Virginia

I know I've been talking about beautycounter a ton lately but it's because I'm so excited about it!  I'll be the first to admit I looked at all of these companies with a very skeptical eye for years.  I assumed that if it was legit then it would be sold at a brick and mortar store.  And then I found out that it was.  First a pop-up shop on Nantucket, partnerships with Serena &amp, Lily, J.Crew, GOOP, and Target; all places I already know and trust.  If they vetted and believe in this brand then it was worth me investigating for myself.  And the more I looked into it the more amazed I was with the company culture and the products.

There is a reason you are seeing a rise in this type of business. People want and need options.  More and more families are wanting or needing to find new and creative ways to add income to their monthly budgets without adding in additional childcare costs.  Not surprisingly, women are finding ways to meet the immediate needs of their families like new tennis shoes or matching outfits for holidays or cell phone bills and school tuition, growing food and medical and housing costs, or achieving long term financial goals like college tuition and full retirement accounts. 

Beautycounter believes that the product and the message is best told friend to friend and realized the future of sales is in convenience and direct access.  People want to go online to find out what's good and then order it.  That order might come at 3am while you're nursing or on your lunch break at the office or while you sit in carpool lines.  It's bringing the products to you in a way that works around your needs and schedule.  You know, like amazon prime or Nordstrom online have mastered and companies like Blockbuster failed to embrace.

I also happen to have the most incredible team of all time (#teamawesome) and we're hosting an event in Richmond this Monday, February 6th at East Coast Provisions in Carytown.  I'd love for you to join us.  There is zero pressure or commitment and it's not a sales event.  It's just a great chance to hang out with a great group of women and have some drinks on us.  We'll have products and information on hand if you want to sample anything and we'll be talking about work, and families, and husbands, and the damn weather and our favorite face cream to look younger and all the other normal things women talk about when they get together.  We'd love to have you.
Beautycounter is more than a company, we're a movement for making the beauty industry better. We do that with valuable information, safer products, and your help. Interested in learning more about how to get involved? I'm also more than happy to chat with you individually about the mission, the products or the business opportunity.  You certainly don't need to be local to Richmond to join my team.  In fact, right now we represent Richmond, Nashville, Philadelphia, Miami and as of yesterday Newport, RI (welcome Erica!)

And we're on the road!  Let me know if you're interested in attending the event in Richmond or in one of these cities and I'll get you added to the list! 

February 11-Jacksonville, FL
February 11-Columbus, OH
February 25-Toronto, ON
February 25-San Antonio, TX
February 25-Pittsburgh, PA
February 25-Grand Rapids, MI
March 4-Cincinnati, OH
March 4- Calgary, AB
March 18-Los Angeles, CA
March 18- Framingham, MA
March 25-Charlotte, NC


  1. Hi Julia! Could you let me know where the event is in Pittsburgh?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Of course! It's at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco. 620 William Penn Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Let me know your email address and last name and I'll make sure you get added to the guest list!

    2. Oh, and if you'd to bring friends, just need their names :)

    3. Oh, and my email address would probably help ;)

  2. I'd love the info on the Toronto event. Thanks! :)

    1. Absolutely! It's at the Omni King Edward Hotel. Send me an email and I'll get you the invitation link! xo

    2. Oh, and my email address would probably help ;)


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