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September 5, 2017

September Accessories for the Home

The house is so quiet!  It's really hard to believe I have two kids in elementary school.  Time is going by so fast.  Mamas of babies, I swear it goes by so slow for so long and then you blink and they're old.  I'm still at the bottom of the PTA ladder, though, so I have a while to go before they're really grown :)  So far, everyone is liking school while they're there but they both hate getting up and going.  I think they'd both prefer a three days on four day off schedule.  Mornings are tough, but we're getting as much as possible ready the night before so we just need to get up and go.


I'm still loving blues and brass for the home.  I've already started swapping out some of my summer brights for things that are a bit moodier.  Charcoal grey and wood tones are popping up on my radar. My look feels like it's evolving a little bit more formal.  I want cozy and welcoming!

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