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March 5, 2018

Shop Local | Spotlight on Ruth & Ollie

I have been asked forever to put together a post about my favorite Richmond spots; hell I still haven't put together my top places for Charleston or Pawleys Island yet and I haven't lived in South Carolina for almost seven years.  Ooops.  I thought a fun way to do that would be to start spotlighting a different shop or restaurant each week.  None of these posts are sponsored and most likely the places I'm featuring won't even know ahead of time that they're getting a review.

Today I want to introduce you to my favorite interior decor store, Ruth & Ollie.  This is a good one, y'all and the eye candy is the best so get ready for picture overload!  You can't get through Carytown (a whimsical shopping and restaurant district with an urban flair--think hipster paradise) without noticing the incredible window displays at R&O; full of stunning furniture, art, and accessories perfectly styled yet never taking itself too seriously.  I'm like a kid in a candy store every time I walk in.  The entire store is set up into small room vignettes making it a little too easy to just walk through and say, yes, I think I'll take that one--all of it.

You can't go in Ruth & Ollie without leaving inspired.  Its high end but attainable high-end, you know? They carry the usuals like Lee Industries and are also the exclusive retailer for Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams in Richmond; All "adult" furniture that can handle a crazy toddler but you probably want to wait to purchase until after the puppy gets through his chewing phase.  At least for me, anyway ;)

 They also have a pillow bar that will leave you with a serious hang-over of regret if you leave empty-handed.  The wall of ready-made pillows is nothing short of curated perfection but the completely customized options are endless and they walk you through it all.  Y'all know I have a thing for pillows!  That's another thing I love about Ruth & Ollie--they offer everything from full scale interior design through KLI to in-home consultations with seriously stylish design enthusiasts to a curated store full of ready-made furniture, art, and decor you can pop-in and purchase.

All images via Ruth & Ollie


  1. Carytown is the most fun place to shop... this post made me miss Richmond so much! Love the Dana Gibson pillows, you should interview her for a post :)


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