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April 4, 2018

Easter Recap

I had grand plans to pre-order matching monogrammed pajamas and sweet little goodies for their baskets like every other year, but somehow that just never happened.  Ooops.  So then I went to my favorite back up plan, amazon prime!  So much goodness found so fast!  I filled up my virtual cart with great little things that would magically appear at my doorstep and then I didn't place my order in time.  Ooops.  So I did what any good mom would do and I braved Target on a late Saturday afternoon the night before a holiday and gathered as much Easter themed crap as I could find.

Richmond ladies, trade secret- I went to Westchester Commons because it's always well stocked with everything Short Pump and Libbie run out of on day one.  Their dollar spot is always FULL of things I never even see at the other two stores.

"BEST EASTER, EVER" according to my pollyanna-man.  You could literally give him a half eaten cookie for a gift and he'd smile and thank you for sharing your last half. My girl, however, snuck a few looks back in her basket to see if she missed anything.  hahaha.  Love it.

The biggest hits, by far, were the inflatable cactus ring toss and the felt checkers and tic tac toe.  Best $10 ever spent!  I can't find them online for you so check out your in store dollar spot.   Tagg immediately devoured the top half of his Allergy friendly chocolate-like bunny, Franky, and was happily chocolate faced the rest of the morning.

We constructed a wall around the Easter Baskets to keep the puppy out and he sat on the edge watching all morning.  He is the cutest ever!  He broke in a few times and his tail was wagging so hard we thought it would fall off.  Someone had to keep scooping him back up onto his side of the room or snuggle him on the couch so he wouldn't try to get over the wall and eat all the candy!

Yes, that's my dog.  Yes, that's my white couch.  Maybe it's the Zoloft or maybe it's getting older and wiser (ie, choosier on my battles) but Boss is allowed on that one couch.  I'm happy to report that it's just as easy to clean and I've made all my loves very happy!

I'm so glad I got a picture of Wells and Tagg with my 92 year old grandmother.  Tagg swears he's not frowning, the sun is just in his eyes.  Nonnie just moved into an assisted living condo a few months ago and it was hilarious listening to her recap her new friends.  It ALLLLLL  revolves around who sits with whom in the cafeteria.  Some things never change!  hahaha!



  1. Glad you all had a good Eater! 1 question...when did Tagg get so tall? He looks almost like a teenager!


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