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September 3, 2018

Bedroom refresh with Kohl's

“This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included home goods as compensation.”

It's been quiet around here this summer but I can assure you behind the scenes it's been anything but quiet.  I recently partnered with Kohl's to freshen up a few things before listing our house on MLS.  I packed up our headboard and most of our linens in mid-July to prepare for our upcoming move out of state so I was using some of our older sheets that wouldn't make the move leaving the room looking less than inviting.  So the first update I made, and the most dramatic by far, was in our master bedroom.   The old sheets were fine but they had seen better days.  Crisp and spotless linens are always a good start to each new season but really are a must have when selling a house. I picked up a bed in a bag set on sale for just $89.  The Big One 6-piece crinkle bed set included a bed skirt, fitted sheet, top sheet, two king shams, and a bedspread.  Automatically the room is more pulled together and attractive to buyers and more relaxing for me and my husband.

I never knew I could love a pillow insert this much, but, our old standard size pillows were ready to be tossed so I picked up two Columbia ice fiber down alternative pillows because they felt soft and promised to stay eternally on the cool side.  I was not prepared for the incredible and amazing cool staying power of these pillows.  I am a perpetual pillow flipper in order to keep my head on the cool side all night and these replace that need by literally staying cool all night long--on both sides.

They are so good that Wells convinced me to go buy one in a standard size for her bed.  I picked up one for Tagg too, but, his stayed in the packaging and went straight to the storage unit. He uses a pretty heavy duty allergen pillow protector so I'm curious how the cool factor works through the layers. Stay tuned.

The last thing I was excited to add was a fancy new mattress topper.  I haven't used one in years because honestly we had too many nights of sick or potty training babies in our bed to use anything more than a basic waterproof mattress pad.  Sorry, TMI?  #momlife.  I think we're safely on the other side I've missed having something plush and luxurious so when I saw the Serta 3-inch soothing cool gel memory foam mattress topper sitting in the aisle adjacent to my cool-promising pillows I jumped to throw it in my cart.

Heaven.  I've never really thought much about the importance of updating the things you can't see but this is a good lesson that you really do need both.  It's August and we just moved further down South so this cooling technology is imperative.  Sometimes, what's on the inside and the outside counts ;)

With Kohl's big home sale, I was able to purchase all new bedding and two fancy king size pillow inserts for just under $200.  That alone earned me $30 in Kohl's cash (which I used to buy Wells her very own cool pillow).  The gel memory foam mattress topper was more of an investment, but still only $230 which earned me another $40 in Kohl's cash which I'll probably use to pick up a new door mat for our new house.  Mohawk has a really big selection and I can snag one for free with my Kohl's cash.  Woohoo!!!

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