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December 7, 2018

Luxury Gifts

Hey there!  The other day I shared with you some of my favorite things for under $30 and today I'm going on the opposite extreme to talk about the best high end items on my list.  About half of these are things I already have and would absolutely buy again and the rest are on my list for this year!  I always have one or two big ticket items on my list that I may not otherwise splurge for myself.

Frankly Memory Foam Mattress is the only thing I couldn't link up to my fancy wheel of goodies above but it's totally worth taking a click over!  We got this new mattress in a box when we moved and its HEAVEN.  I've ordered other mattresses in a box as well as traditional mattresses before but this luxury memory foam from Frankly is the best by far!  It's pretty inexpensive for such a high quality mattress.  I've been meaning to tell ya'll about it for a while but I wanted to give it a good few months to make sure it didn't get any sink holes or sunken sleep spots like our last one did from another company.


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