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I am currently working on a series of lowcountry marsh paintings that are near to my heart.  I went to college in Charleston and lived near the marsh for many years after that both in Mount Pleasant and Pawleys Island, South Carolina.  My husband is born and bred Pawleys Island native and these scenes have been the backdrop to both our romance and our life.  My family and I now reside in Richmond, Virginia but the coast of Carolina will always carry our hearts.  

I am busy working on new pieces to be made available for those currently on the wait list.  If you would like to be added to that list please email me at JuliaKyleRyan@gmail.com.

I also try my hand at more colorful abstract pieces in mixed media as my mood strikes!  Please see examples of those pieces below.  Unfortunately, these pieces are sold out.  I am currently opening a few spaces for commissioned pieces but the wait time on beginning a new project is several weeks out.

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Sadie + Stella said...

The first one is my absolute fave!!!

McGrath's said...

Do you have any marsh paintings?

jenny Flaim said...

Yes, put me on a wait list for a marsh painting!!!

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