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April 28, 2011

turquoise and pink living room

In the words of my girl Bethenny, this room is amazeballs.
 I'm in love with the teal and pink color scheme
The symmetry and floor plan are amaze
Big fan of the flat screen above the fireplace because let's be real, do we ever use the rooms without one?

 I'm usually TERRIBLE about giving credit where it's due.  
Simply because I'm constantly pulling images onto my desktop and forgetting where I've found them.  Today I'm gonna give all credit where it's due for this fabulous living room.


  1. love those spindly arm chairs!!

  2. Oh My! Please excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my chin!! I'm in love!

  3. So gorgeous! All around.

  4. Such a youthful take on traditional. I want the gold lamps!

  5. So pretty! I got a onesie made yesterday that was seafoam green with bubblegum pink for her name. Love the colors together!

  6. Amazeballs is right! This room is gorgeous!

  7. Oh My gosh, I am in love. That room is perfection. Ugh, it makes me hate my den a little more now!

  8. LOVE this room. Just pulled it on my desktop and into my inspiration folder (: Amazeballs is right. Bethenny rocks.

  9. Swoon, love all of it!

    I just found your blog! I lived in Pawleys too!

  10. dude I want some of those spindley chairs. and hey, I have those hot pink thingies on the mantle but mine are a boring gray. I'm getting some very berry and spray paintin those suckers. STAT.


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