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February 29, 2012

shawty flow chart

Because it's hump day and it's raining and it's freaky leap year day.
But mostly just because some information is just too important not to reshare.


play kitchen dish towels

So I know this is a really boring post for some.  But I, for one, think it's pretty clever.
We have a ton of monogrammed burp cloths for Wells that have been replaced with the boy versions for Tag in my diaper bag.
I really hate to just box them up or leave them all taking up precious dresser real estate.  
And while playing "cook-in" with Wells for about the billionth time this week I discovered that they're the exact perfect size to use as dishtowels for her little play kitchen.
And what little budding chef doesn't need her own set of monogrammed dish towels?
And because I'm such a dumb brilliant mother who lets her put real water in the sink basin to wash her hands they actually really come in handy for drying off.


February 28, 2012

Kimberly Lewis Home

Have y'all heard of Kimberly Lewis?
She designed her own line of wallpaper and now, more recently, home goods like trays and pillows.
I entered a giveaway last fall on a blog to win one of her panels and though I didn't win Kimberly herself contacted me to see if I'd still like a complimentary sample. 
Yes Ma'am.
I chose sierra in cadmium and just recently placed it in a pottery barn frame to add a little graphic something something to our built-in bookshelves.
I love.
Here's a larger sample above and below in the aubergine.

 Y'all should really go check out her work.


February 27, 2012

Houzz feature

Happy Monday!
I just got an email saying that my living room in Pawleys was hand-picked by one of the writers at to be included in an Ideabook featured on the homepage of the site today!

You can check out the other ideabook it was recently included in here.


Monday nothings

I am way too busy watching the today show and snuggling with my little man this morning to think of anything good to blog about.  My parents kept the babies last night while Matthew and I went out to dinner.  Wells spent the night but we picked up Tag around 9:30 and plopped him in to bed as soon as we got home.  My sweet baby didn't call for us once until 6am!
Yup, he officially slept through the night!

Anyway, I'm rewarding him with non-stop attention and a one on one recap of the Oscars.
Lucky boy.
Lucky mama!


February 26, 2012

The Oscars

The Academy Awards
Kinda like prom for celebs.

You can check out all the information on nominees and predictions here.
Or you can follow along with the important part, the red carpet fashion, here.

I've got my dream outfit all picked out, do you?

Before you click on the links consider yourself warned that I used my imaginary celebrity budget when making my selections.  I did not, however, include Rachel Zoe's finders fee.
Oh, and I love that Barney's offers complimentary shipping on those earrings.
Nice touch.

February 25, 2012

February 24, 2012

High & Low

Happy Friday lovelies!
Can we chat about this weather?
Snow on Monday and short sleeves by Thursday.
That's cray cray.
On another note, I've got some Spring picks for every budget.
I, for one, am in the Low category these days, fo sho!
You really can't go wrong with a pink dress!
top:  low/high
bottom:  low/high

February 23, 2012

spray paint remorse

First of all, thanks so much for all your help yesterday.  
Y'all ROCK!
  Keep the opionions coming because I doubt I'll get to this project before next week.
I've been on the spray paint bandwagon lately and started spray painting everything in sight.
Sometimes is successful, like my table project here.
Other times it's a spray paint fail.
Enter lamps
I really wanted to add some orange to my house in honor of Pantone's color of the year, tangerine.
And I thought getting rid of the shabby chic look in favor of a more modern orange should be a no-brainer.
Not so much. 
I covered these two distressed cream candlestick lamps in a nice orange (mandarin by Krylon) but it just doesn't work with the style of the lamps or my rooms so after several weeks of trying to make myself like them, I just gave in and sprayed them back to a nice glossy white.
I accidentally deleted the before pictures off my camera before getting it uploaded but the lamp above a pretty close match.

After spraying them down with orange
(I just wrapped the tops and the cords with plastic wrap to keep from getting sprayed)
and then back to white
I'm not quite done with them yet but I will be sticking with a white base for sure.

Have y'all ever had any painters remorse?


February 22, 2012

skirted table ideas


Okay so I'm being a follower today and asking for more advice on my skirted table.  
Basically I need this to be a free project so my choices are limited to fabric/ribbon/trim I already own.  Y'all always have the best taste and suggestions so I'm opening it up for a vote.
**I added a fourth choice based on the suggestion of several readers**

Here'a a quick reminder of it's current state

Waverly aviary in robins egg fabric border

Same fabric I used to make another table skirt as well as the two slipper chairs both in the living room that opens up from this entry way.
Problem 1:  too much of this fabric in one space
Problem 2:  doesn't really go with the rug and I love the rug.


navy blue grosgrain ribbon used as trim
I really like this option a lot.  I like that's it keeps the skirt mostly white and adds a bit of a graphic and traditional feel.  Also like the darker color.
Problem:  adding yet another color to this room.  I'd been thinking of adding navy to help weigh down all the pastels.  Hmmm, maybe not a problem afterall

Waverly cross hatch in charcoal border with GREY grosgrain trim
This is the same fabric used in the floor to ceiling drapes as well as the storage ottoman right next to this space.
Problems?  None that I can see  

Option 4
Waverly cross hatch in charcoal border with NAVY grosgrain trim*****

Let's vote please!

Okay, so I moved the table altogether.
It just wasn't working for me.
What do you think of what I picked?


February 21, 2012

funny pinterest and my front hall storage problem

So we literally have no storage by our front door.  The walls creating a proper entrance hall were removed decades ago so you walk directly into the living room from the front door.  I really like the extra living space it's created where a hallway used to be but it leaves a major problem with storage.  I originally placed our skirted table just beside the front door to store boots and scarves and other outdoor daily's but that piece is currently housing the tv.  I moved a storage unit from Target in it's place and while the smaller compartments are much more useful, it's created a cluttered landing zone.  I decided I desperately need to make another skirted table, only this time I plan to use velcro instead of a staple gun because this piece isn't solid wood.  I'm not sure what type of skirt I want or what fabric to use so I draped a leftover white curtain over the top for the time being.  
I actually really love the plainness of the white.
Maybe I could try adding some trim?  
But what color?  Which one?
Also, don't judge the table styling.  It's got a long way to go.

 It's really perfect for holding all items usually hidden behind front hall closet doors.

And now something funny
because that's how I roll
Are you following my pins yet?
If not, you should be.

February 20, 2012

snow day

Wells playing in her first snowfall!


frozen peas

My all time favorite healthy snack.
I've been keeping a giant bag of frozen peas on hand lately and eating them by the bowlful for a healthy snack.  Hopefully it will help me shed some of this baby weight in time for Spring.
I've got Wells on the trend too and feel really good about mixing something green into her pretzel and cheerio diet.
What are y'all snacking on lately?


February 19, 2012

snowy day

I for one am enjoying lots of hot coffee and a big warm sweater on this snowy day.
How about y'all?


February 17, 2012

King Louis High Chairs

to whom this may concern,
{you know who you are, both of you!}

If this beauty isn't reason enough to have another baby
 then surely this one is

These ridic highchairs are sold here

Pricey?  yes
Jam packed with sophistication?  yes ma'am
I adore

February 16, 2012

cooking at home

 I might just be the only woman in america who hasn't been lured into the kitchen by pinterest
Seriously, I don't cook.
It's Matthew's job.
But he spent the better part of yesterday afternoon in the emergency room after a nasty stumble while running on the slippery trail along the river.
Crutches and an air cast later, he was an invalid laid up in bed.
By 5:00 I realized I had to step up to plate.
So I whipped up my specialty: grilled cheese and tomato soup.
But you'll find no fancy recipe here.
Just read the back the campbell's soup can.
(use milk not water, you'll thank me later)
Sometimes simple is enough.
Especially if you make it look pretty, that's my favorite part.


February 15, 2012

No-Sew storage ottoman cover

Maybe it's because I've decided to quit making people for a while, or the large chunks of time I've spent cooped up in my house, but, I've been feeling the need to make stuff lately.  
Enter Wells' pink and green storage ottoman, leftover fabric from the living room curtains {Waverly Crosshatch in charcoal}, and a staple gun.


 I basically just measured and cut and then wrapped it like a present securing with the staple gun.
I stapled right overtop of the existing cover so that I could return it to Wells' room easily in the future.
No sew and no frills.
It's the perfect place to store all of Tag's blankets and lovies in our living room.
I'm thinking of hot gluing some trim to give the edges a more finished look.

Total time: one and a half nap times.
Total cost: nothing

February 14, 2012


Ladies, seriously.
I always gift myself something fabulous on holidays.
Today I heart this pink Celine luggage tote* in a major way.
Who do I know in NY that wants to pick up this pretty for me and send her on down my way?


*Sadly the GORGEOUS pink Celine luggage tote is an in person purchase only at Bergdorfs.  
Le sigh


February 13, 2012

Pink & Red

Happy Monday lovelies.
Is everyone ready for the luuuuurve fest tomorrow?
Valentine's Day seems like the perfect time to break into the pink & red color-block craze I've been eyeing.
Do y'all have fun plans?
This outfit is entirely too fantastic to waste on take-out and my couch.
I might let my husband convince me to go out somewhere schmancy to celebrate.
We'll see.
Aren't all holidays mostly just about what you get to wear?


February 10, 2012

mom outfit

Anyone who's seem me lately knows this has pretty much been my daily staple.
Comfortable and lots of layers for this crazy up and down weather we've been having.
Perfect for the park or the grocery store.
Does anyone go any more fabulous than running errands?
Tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you.


February 9, 2012

DIY gold table Part 2


 Remember, here's the before

and for the directions, go here

Now I just need my little chickadees to nap so I can get busy on styling this pretty lady a better!  
I have a feeling it will have about a million re-incarnations and I'll try to post all of them that are decent.


DIY gold table Part 1

Are y'all as currently OB.SESED with all that glitters as I am?

I want a gold and marble end table for my living room.
Like I really really REALLY want it.
Something like this beaut pictured below.
Only my budget is more like twelve dollars not twelve hundred.
So this is the metal end table currently living in the corner of my living room.
It's not a bad table.
In fact, I really like it.
It's thin little legs and scalloped edges make me swoon.
But that color is creating a visual black whole in the corner.
I've tried lightening it up with accessories but then it's just too colorful for my taste.
Not bad, but a not quite the look I'm going for either.
Enter my new best friends:
Rust-oleum Lacquer in White
And Rust-oleum Metallic in Gold
I knew I could rock this table out.
First I spray painted the legs and scalloped trim gold
Next I taped up the lip of the table with blue painters tape so I could spray paint the top a nice
shellack-y lacquer white.  Notice a little bit of gold overspray on the black surface.  I actually kinda liked that look and almost derailed my original plan.

I know y'all are looking at these inside pictures and thinking, hmmmm.
Don't worry, I'm not a total idiot.  
I did take this metal goddess outside to spray her down with the midas touch. 
Matthew made me swear on this part when he found the table drying in the sunroom. 
I even let her dry overnight like the directions said to do.
And I knew the forecast called for rain so I brought her inside to finish drying overnight.
It never rained.
Doesn't that always happen when you try to be patient?
So I brought her back outside for a heavy dose of white to the top this morning.
She's currently inside drying so you'll have to wait for me to show the next step.

Have y'all been spray painting anything fun lately?
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