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October 4, 2013

Entertaining: How To Build The Perfect Cheese Tray

Y'all know Matthew and I are having a current obsession with cheese plates.  They are the most versatile and easy heavy appetizer out there.  You can stockpile almost all of the components ahead of time as pantry staples and then whip it out if a friend stops by or you get a last minute invite somewhere.  You don't have to cook it or prepare it so there's no way to mess it up.  With both the cheese and the pepperoni off limits during the day because of the #allergykids it feels even more special to whip out just for us on any given night.  It's become our weekend special treat.  I love that we can splurge on such rich and good flavors and it's still a fairy clean meal.  Not a lot of processed chemicals for your body to battle.  I feel like it's also really important to mention that we buy every single item from Trader Joes.  This allows our spread to be an affordable option for us.  I think you can very quickly double the cost by shopping in the fine cheese section at almost any other grocery store.

A lot of y'all have been commenting on my instagram pictures from our usual stay-at-home date night fare and I thought it was time I show you a more detailed explanation of our spread.

What's your favorite item or charcuterie combination?

The Checklist:
Gouda Cheese (I prefer extra aged but this varies from creamy to aged to extra aged) | Herbed Chevre Goat Cheese | Manchego Cheese | Brie Cheese | Pepperoni Log | Roasted Red Peppers | Spicy Dijon Mustard | Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Balsamic Glaze | Fresh Loaf of French Bread | Water Crackers | Olives (I don't personally like these but I add them when I entertain) | Seedless Grapes | Fuji Apples (sliced in thin sheets not wedges)

Favorite Combinations:
Gouda + Fuji apple
Gouda + Pepperoni + Mustard
Water Cracker + Brie + Grapes
Water Cracker + Chevre + Roasted Red Pepper
French Loaf + EVOO + Balsamic
French Loaf + Chevre + Roasted Red Pepper
Water Cracker + Manchego 



  1. Thank you for this post! Perfect for entertaining.

  2. God bless a good cheese tray. I heart aged gouda, my favorite!

  3. I'm a cheese tray junkie when it comes to hosting a party. I love them...I think I just really love cheese.

  4. Love a great cheese plate!!

  5. you know home girl loves a good cheese spread situation. always love seeing yours too! note to self, stop going to spendy places for the fancy stuff and make the trek to TJoes. happy friday chica!

  6. This looks so yummy! :) One thing I love to add to our cheese plates is a bit of local honey. So tasty!

  7. We love our cheese plates too!

  8. My mouth is watering!! what a delish date night :)

  9. Cheese trays are seriously THE.BEST. Love this post

  10. Nothing like a good cheese I need an excuse to entertain so I can make one..Hell..I'll just make one for myself tonight ;) I love the roasted red pepper...I always do a more sweet plate and add berries and honey...going to try this ..Happy Friday!

  11. My family and I do an antipasti whenever we get together-and now it's become a Xmas tradition, easy and everyone loves it after mass before Santa comes :-) We're Italian from NY so we throw a lot onto it! It was new to my French beau but he loves it too! So, what are you guys watching during date night, any new series?


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