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April 7, 2015

Deck Plans + Outdoor Living Space Inspiration Picture Overload

Deck Plans!  So as you saw yesterday, Matthew tore off over half of our deck and re-routed the stairs to come down the side instead of straight out into the back yard.  The plan is to build either a low deck across the back of the house that spills out into a rounded stone patio or  just do the patio directly across the house.

So why change a perfectly nice big deck?  The deck was in bad shape. There was a lot of rot on the support beams and floor boards that needed to be replaced. We decided to take this opportunity to change the hard-scape rather than just replacing exactly what was already there.  I think the change in elevation will be the biggest change for the better.  It will be much more visually pleasing from the back yard and it gives us a chance to create smaller and more intimate zones.  Much more user friendly.  The top part that you can see in the picture below was re-built by my husband and father in-law over the weekend.  We'll be waiting to do phase two.  It will either be more decking or stone pavers.  Pro's and Con's to both.  The price is comparable so that we're trying not to let that affect our decision. 

And you can see our progress below.  This pretty major change in size from what I'm used to.  I wasn't sold at all at first but I'm starting to get on board with the new size.  It definitely feels cozier which I like. And once the lower level is installed I'll still have plenty of room for dining and happy hour-ing.

The best part of creating two levels is the ability to create two distinct useful spaces.  A living room and a dining room, if you will.    My initial thought was to make the upper level the dining space and the lower level the living room type of area.  But I'm not sold on that.  I actually love the idea of maybe come built-in banquet seating in that upper back corner with a large cocktail table.  And then a larger rectangle table and chairs with a big umbrella down on the lower level. 

I've got lots of fun inspiration pictures for you below.  I'd love to hear your opinion or details on your own backyards.  What kind of outdoor space are you drawn to?  What do you use your backyard for most of the time?

Either way I'm picturing lots of black & white or Grey + White as my color scheme.  Surprise Surprise.  I'm loving all the teak furniture I see here as well and my girl Katharine mentioned that Sams has a lovely and sturdy set so I'm going to look into that.  I feel like I'm equally drawn to the black wrought iron or white look though.  I guess I'll need to start really researching this and figure out who has consistent pieces for sale as this will be acquired a little at a time like everything else.


  1. I can't wait to see how it turns out! I love the idea of built ins. Are you thinking of adding a fire pit down below at all?

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with it! Ours is two tiered (both concrete) with the top having a fireplace and being covered. We made that the living area and have the dining area on the lower level where the grill lives. That just what works for us! Looking forward to seeing it!!!
    kaitlin |

  3. Love your inspiration Julia. When our Aqua cushions go, I am planning a black & white classic and I never tire of it. As always, can't wait to see the space come together.


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