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April 14, 2015

Delicious Design | Design Crush

One of the best things about pinterest, besides cataloging my favorites, is falling down a rabbit hole and landing on a new portfolio.  I've fallen head over heals in love with everything Delicious Designs touches.  Lots of classic and traditional pieces with a fresh and colorful feel against a bright white background.  I'm in interior design heaven.  S

These spaces come from two different houses but I don't think I could choose a favorite. Seriously, can I just collect these room and move in?  I don't even have a favorite room or design element it's just lots and lots of all-over goodness.  Enjoy!



  1. Julia, Roberta of Delicious Designs is a friend of mine and I couldn't love her work more. She is so talented and also has a beautiful shop by the same name in Hingham, MA near Cape Cod.

    1. I saw that! How awesome! Why is her store not on insta? I searched yesterday trying to find it. I want more!

  2. You're right - I love to discover new portfolios that way as well. I love that eat-in dining area. Now that Lisa mentions that I do remember her posting about her and her shop - how fun!

  3. Thanks for the intro. I've been eyeing that Redford House piece in the last pic... might have to splurge on it. LOVE!

  4. Those are beautiful spaces. I love how relaxing they all are!

  5. Julia, this is Nancy, the store manager at DD Home... thank you for all the love! All four of us are big fans of yours as well :) and PS we are on instagram @deliciousdesignshome


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