Life + Style

Welcome, I'm Julia!   

I love to share ideas about interior design, my favorite outfits for me and the kids, and day to day life with my husband and our two children, Wells (7) and Tagg (6), and our Boykin Spaniel.

I also talk openly and candidly about motherhood and my struggle with depression and anxiety in an effort to show the world that mental health is no different from physical health and should be taken seriously and cared for when you need a check up or a tune up.  No stigma here.

More often than not, you can spot me wearing skinny jeans and flats with pink lipstick and a pony tail sipping on Prossecco and daydreaming about decorating my house and happy hour on a dock.  I have a weakness for kids in matching pajamas and cheese plates.  I'm still figuring out the rest.

My hope is the you will this blog to be a place of inspiration and encouragement.

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