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June 21, 2009


June 21st
My husband hates to celebrate his birthday. I think it's weird but I try to accept that he's just not that into it. So I celebrate Matt Day instead. Rather than focusing on being another year older I celebrate how happy I am that he was born at all. Well I couldn't let this one go completely unacknowledged because it's his last twenty something birthday. Baby, I know you're freaking out about it being the end of your twenties, but, I think you should focus on all that you've accomplished so far in life. And all before the age of thirty. I mean you have a super hot wife and own a gorgeous house. What more do you need? And clearly both me and the house will continue to look better with time so you have nothing to fear!

So in honor of your special day I thought I'd post some pics (that I already had on my computer) of you doing what you love to do. If I could figure out how to get my scanner to send things to my computer in another format besides pdf then I could post some better hunting and fishing pics. Anyone know how to fix this?

Happy MattDay Baby!
Hanging out with me
Going to the beach

Drinking bourbon and waters (especially at the Jeff-ah-son)

fishing in the creeks

Duck hunting*
*Matthew and Kevin are both located in this picture. You may have trouble finding them because they're hiding in $400.00 worth of camo.

more fishing in the creekshanging out with your friends

Spending time with your adorable family
Being REALLY REALLY REALLY into Eagles. And all other Native American imagery and art like dream catchers and wolves and the Rockies and such.

Off shore fishing, duck hunting and hanging out down in Venice

Hanging out with me some more while we work

I'm so happy to be celebrating your first birthday as your wife!



  1. Your husband and my husband are very much alike. My husband doesn't really like to celebrate his birthday. He takes the day off of work when he can though and we spend it together (His birthday is June 24) so that is what we did this year.

  2. Suburban Prep-it must be a guy thing because I love attention on my birthday! My husband wants to make it clear that he's not into dream catchers or eagles and wants to know if your's is really into native american art? Oh, and thanks for reading!


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