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September 15, 2010

Surgery Scheduled and other travels (Craniosynostosis)

Hey friends!

I'm sorry I have been such an absentee blogger lately, something I promised I'd try not to be. We've had so much going on lately and traveled to four states and I just haven't had the time or Internet access to blog.

Our first trip with BabyGirl was to Buckhead in Atlanta.  Matthew's uncle got married at the Ritz-Carlton and our weekend did not disappoint.  The food and atmosphere were both as spectacular as you'd expect.  My mom came along with us to help with BabyGirl.  Thank God.  With her help we were able to sufficiently spend time with her, and show her off a bit too, and enjoy some grown up festivities as well.  She did great on her first trip and polished her social skills with so many new introductions.  
Unfortunately, with all that traveling and her unfamiliar sleeping conditions while away, her perfect sleeping schedule didn't make it back to Pawleys with our luggage.  Her sporadic sleeping pattern was fueled further by a plunge into her first growth spurt.  Our sweet girl awoke every hour and a half to two hours to eat for several days.  
Around the clock.  
This left one very sour set of parents.  
I upped her formula by a full ounce which helped her just a bit.  Considering she was sleeping in four to five hour stretches at night by two weeks, praying for the return of the three hour cycles seemed like such a step back.
Then we got THE CALL.  
The one to give us a date for BabyGirl's surgery.  
The surgery set for late October or early November?  Imagine my shock when they called with an actual concrete calendar date (making it feel all too real) more than a month sooner than I was expecting.  No more extra time to fatten her up to ten pounds or procrastinate my fears of anesthesia.  Our sweet little nine pound baby will be going into surgery on September 24th.  Lord, grant me some peace.  
For real.
We had planned a month long hiatus to my parents house in Richmond and of course the new date changed those plans.  Rather than heading north to Richmond last Thursday we headed south down to Charleston.  MUSC to be exact.  We spent a very long day meeting with the necessary departments and putting BabyGirl through a series of tests and scans in preparation for surgery.  She did great.  Better than her momma, that's for sure.  She was perfectly serene during her cat scans.  Granted, they laid her on a board and strapped her in so tight the poor thing could hardly blink let alone move a muscle.  Her patience and strength at only six weeks inspired me.  She was holding it together and so could I.  She slept or cooed through all of her exams and more than one doctor added "happy baby" to her official medical chart.  I couldn't have been more proud that she was mine.
We were really satisfied with everyone we encountered at MUSC.  They all showed such professionalism and compassion.
We've been in Richmond ever since.
The plan is to stay until next Tuesday.
But you know how well those seem to work out for us lately.
I'm going to make a point to keep y'all a bit more updated as we make the adjustments into our new normal.
I'm also going to try harder to keep y'all entertained with fabulous design inspiration and other fun things I find online.  
Just bare with me.
I'm so eager for the day when I can start reading all of your updates as well.  
I miss this.


  1. julia, such an ordeal, you and your family are being so strong and positive! I'm thinking of and praying for you all, esp baby Wells!

  2. God bless your little Wells, and her mama and daddy too! I am from Williamsburg, VA and we have a vacation place in Litchfield by the Sea at Pawleys. My daughter discovered your blog about a year ago and I have followed you since then.....When my daughter was born the pediatrician came to me in the recovery room and said she had a heart murmur and we would need to take her to Childrens Hospital upon our dismissal from the hospital. Like you, we were frightened about what was going to happen to our beautiful baby girl. We stayed in prayer and took it one day at a time. I am very thankful to be able to say that here, thirty years later, that baby girl has a baby girl of her own! Please know I will keep you in my prayers.....Brenda

  3. SO.. I have been MIA!

  4. I'm a friend of Jennifer Ipock Neimeyer and have always loved your blog! You all will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers next week during the surgery!
    PS: We had a family business meeting at the Ritz in ATL a few years ago and you're right, it does not disappoint.

  5. Thanks!
    Y'all are too sweet!

  6. Julia, SO great to see you back here. I have been checking back to see how you all are doing, and the update was great! You have taken the difficulties that have come your way with such immense grace and positivity. Your writing is so engaging, and this story truly makes my heart swell for your little family. Wells is a truly gorgeous baby, and a wonderful blessing. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers the next few weeks, and I have all the faith in the world that Wells will make it through wonderfully. Much Love!

  7. Thinking of you Julia!

    May you have more restful and stress-free days ahead...though it seems like Sweet Wells is already able to roll with the punches. We will keep her in our prayers as her surgery nears.

  8. You, your family and Wells will be in my thoughts on the 24th! Hope it all goes well!



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