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December 17, 2010

Pink and Green wallpaper love

I know Thursday is supposed to be the official day for pink and green posting so does it still count if I write it on a Thursday but post on a Friday?
You see I'm on my way upstairs to start transforming this dowdy momma from ponytail to posh for my ladies Jingle Mingle tonight and figured I'd have too much bubbly to be doing any blogging in the morning.
So I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet has seen the new December mini issue of Lonny Magazine.  
Okay, at least all the design blog loving members of this Earth.
And did y'all notice a certain spectacular (and familiar) wallpaper?
It's the exact same green and white graphic print that was used in the pink and green office I featured here.

It would be such a tease to just offer you this fabulous kitchen.  
So this post is for the small few of y'all who haven't caught sight of Eileen Kathryn Boyd's colorful Long Island home.


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  1. Seriously...SUCH a gorgeous home. Hope you had fun last night. Nice thinking ahead... ;)


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