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March 14, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover ideas

Happy Monday friends!
Did y'all enjoy this fabulous weekend full of sunshine as much as I did?
I have to say, my ego was boosted ten-fold when my room was featured on Erin's blog Friday.
I feel like I was on Oprah!
It definitely got me thinking about which rooms I want to fix up next.
One of the only rooms I haven't touched hardly since I moved in is my master bedroom.
And after years of beige apartment dwelling I'm really pretty disappointed that I haven't done anything in the room I spend the most time in.
Let's change that.
So I already picked out the wall color, cathedral gray by Dutch Boy and now I'm trying to find some fabric samples to use for drapes and bedding.

The first place I always go to for fabrics is Williams & Sherrill in Richmond, Virginia.  
They always have something you can use.  Last time I was there I snagged several swatches that I plan to use.  
"Cathedral Gray" by Dutch Boy

Here are a few of my current favorites that I found online.


Cross Section
Dahlia 20875

Alesandra Jumbo Tape

What do y'all think?
In addition to these fabulous linens, I'd also like to paint all of our matching chippendale furniture white.
Comments, suggestions, etc. are more than welcome since at this point I've done nada.
Okay, now I'm off to throw on some clothes and drive BabyGirl and I down to Charleston for a fabulous lunch with Natalie & Caycee!
I love when you live close enough to make blog friends into real life friends as well!


  1. yay! another gray fan. (we might actually be twins).

    love those fabrics, especially bedazzle.


  2. Had the best time at lunch today! I heart gray. I almost used that zebra fabric for my dining room chairs but it was a little sheer, would be fab for curtains. Agree with A Perfect Gray Bedazzle is my favorite. Can't wait to see what you put together I know it will look gorgeous!

  3. I love that second one! So fun to have lunch with those beautiful ladies. They're the best!

  4. Oh MY! Im in LOVE! This is exactly what I'm planning on doing in my bedroom! Is that bedazzle fabric from Williams & Sherrill? I found a chair at TJ Maxx that is the exact fabric and I would love some of it!!!! Please let me know!

    Thanks ;)

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