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April 13, 2011

dream dining room

Have I ever told y'all I met my husband on a blind date?
Sometimes when you know you know.
I feel like I need to call all my girlfriends right now and tell them I've found THE ONE.
Let's go ahead an chat about his best qualities
{I'm in lust so this room must be male}
I apologize ahead of time and urge you to skip the next paragraph where I sound like a love sick puppy
Because I am
The dark hardwood floors
The chinoiserie red (of course I'd go with pink) dining chairs and lantern
The luscious white carrera marble table top (and it's round, le sigh) and countertops
The mix of dark and white cabinetry with stainless steel
The GORGEOUS glass front cabinets that appear to be visible from both rooms.  
I swoon for those sterling lanterns inside the the opening to the kitchen
Chocolate brown walls and green accents
In my dream world the wall opposite the built-ins would be wallpapered in this
brown imperial trellis
chairs and lighting would be painted
Benjamin Moore Coral Pink 2003-50
shown in this Mary McDonald room



  1. OK, seriously. I'm borderline hyperventilating over this photo!

    There's not much that I'm not completely gaga over! I used that Mary Mc. photo when working on our living room...

    I might go with more of a raspberry color and {maybe} the navy colorway of I.T. but hot damn, do I love this!
    Slap an antique blue/white footbath full of pink hydrangeas on that table and it's over. OVER!!

  2. Say yes, say yes!!!! Gorgeous! I might fight you for the sconces/lanterns and countertops:)))))

  3. Stumbled onto your nice blog tonight and just wanted to say hi and letcha know I'd been here! Enjoyed the photos of Brookgreen!

  4. I am using that trellis on a job I am just finishing...great taste! And pink chairs, cant go wrong!

  5. forgive me, ok? pretty please??

    Ms. Bright

  6. If I could ask a room to marry me.......
    and to feed your addiction (bc I'm shameless like that) go to Shades of Light (I got the catalogue yesterday) and they have that dining fixture....*drool*
    love it sister! xoxo Shel

  7. Beautiful!!! Just gorgeous!!
    So funny, because I am in the middle of (trying) to put our dining room together! The room has been empty so long! You seem to be reading my mind because all of your posts have given me inspiration this week!

  8. Where oh where did you find this image? I am putting this in my dream house file pronto.

  9. You can't ask for a more beautiful dinning room. I just love those glass front cabinets. Gorgeous.


  10. totally obsessed with the kitchen...

  11. I LOVE round table, and have been on the look out for one for years...but can't quite seem to find one that I can afford yet. Don't you think it would be great in my dining area?'s your tiniest pal, by the way. I need to figure out how to comment unanonymously. This room is gorgeous, can't wait to enjoy one of Matthew's delicious meals and a glass of wine with you in it one day :)

  12. ahhhh! I love that room too!!! but i think I would love it even more if it was done the way you have pointed out! You just can't go wrong with Chinoiserie and pink!

    love love love!

  13. HG-sorry for the late response, it's a Windsor Smith room. You'll recognize lots of her work here! I love her style!


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