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April 29, 2011


My latest french inspired obsession

They're a perfect sophisticated and feminine touch to add to any space.  



  1. Recently found you blog, love all of the home inspiration's!! I LOVE your home that is for sale, gorgeous!!!!

    I am assuming it is your house, and that ou line on Pawley's Island? My family is traveling there in 4 weeks for vacation this being our 1st time visiting Pawley's Island. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about it and give me some good shopping, food, and fun ideas it has to offer?:)


  2. The alligator painting {?} in the 2nd image is stunning. I love that!

  3. Those are brilliant! And the gator painting is gasp worthy!

  4. I'll take all of them. Oh, and EVERY SINGLE PILLOW ON THE LAST ONE TOO. k thanks.

  5. I'm sooo sharing your obsession- and I finally found one on Craigs List- charlotte!! hooray! I tore that beauty apart the second my hubs and oldest son unloaded her because I had been searching and searching FOREVER (in reality, its only been a few months, but it FEELS like forever and a day!!). Oops.. I don't sew. I tore the fabric apart and all the stuff in it and threw it away- it had mouse droppings and it smelled!
    So... I'm thinking I can upholster this myself. If any of y'all have some tips I would really appreciate it! My supplies are limited to what I hope I'll need: paint, glue gun, fabric, staple gun and trim of some sort......

  6. The picture of the crocodile is way cool.



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