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May 6, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration Board

Master Bedroom

So my friend Julie has the same design dilemma in her master bedroom as most of us do.  
A hodge podge of inherited dark wood furniture to work with.  And with two sweet little girls to care for all day, she has no time left to design the room she spends the least amount of time in.
I put together a little inspiration board for her.
All of the furniture needed to stay.
The antique bed belongs to her grandmother and can't be altered.
Everything else is fair game for a facelift or removal!
First step:

 Paint the dressers white and replace the top white knobs with crystal knobs
Paint the mirror with gold spray paint
Leave the standing mirror and jewelry armoire dark wood
 Paint both bedside tables a distressed aqua
replace top two white knobs with crystal knobs

 Add a big fluffy white down comforter and white duvet
new throw pillows 
Add new matching lamps and long linen curtain panels hung high to the ceiling and wider than the window
replace art above the bed with a mirror, either sunburst or quatrafoil
 add curtain panels to hide the opening into the bathroom
I hope this helps you Julie and I can't wait to see your projects as they unfold!

Here's the deal on where to find all of the items above
$250 -

$20 -

$1,099 -

$699 -

$385 -

$25 -

$20 -



  1. I love it Julia!!! Next time I take a picture of my bedroom, I'll make sure to clear off my laundry pile from the bed....oops. I'll definitely keep you updated!! Yay!!

  2. She is lucky to have you on her side! Boy do I know about hodge podge and dark furniture. It's only a matter of time...

    Happy mother's day!

  3. I love that inspiration board! It has a bit of a connection to my blog post today. That is going to look great! Hope we get to see the after. Thanks so much for stopping by Alamode today and reading my guest post. I appreciate your comment!! It means a lot.

  4. LOVE your ideas! May have to steal some for my own bedroom redo ;) Have a great weekend!

  5. Perfect for a facelift! I definitely know the feeling...I'm still needing to redo my nightstand...grrrrr...

    I'm still laughing about your mother's day post, too...I second that, hey kiddos, where's my swag??? (c:

  6. Such a beautiful design, Julia! I love the colors!


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