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May 17, 2011

the gym

So we joined a gym over the weekend.
Is it bad that I was more thrilled about the unlimited kids club membership we bought for BabyGirl than about the dark cardio theatre or the pool combined?
I dropped BabyGirl off this morning so I could go eliptical during Marley & Me.
Maybe it was the movie, maybe it was me.
I spent my first 20 minutes thinking about her and how she was doing
and up I went to check on her
She was sitting in some sweet looking girls lap with her sad face on looking all around the big room.
I felt so bad.
I went to do about 15 minutes of machines and checked on her again.
She was fussing and looking oh so sad.
I scooped her up and snuggled on her and felt so bad
Tell me it gets easier.
PS-We're back in Pawleys for the week!



  1. wish i had better news but this has been my experience so far too. =( ps- are you obsessed with lululemon too? if not, hold on to your pocketbook.

  2. I think it gets better. I think its worse for you then her. P loves going to the gym to roam free!

  3. It is your special time so try to enjoy. maybe headset with great music while you work out! Love your top.

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  4. I think it's still hard but it makes for a happier Mommy! I will be dragging myself and two kids there come fall.

  5. Oy....Ford is crying right now and my mother in law is getting him...still breaking my heart...

  6. This is why I do workout videos at home. Everytime I brought Sterling to the kids room inevitably they would come get me on the treadmill and say he won't stop crying. It got to the point where I was anxious my whole workout worrying they would come get me. So I said forget it, now Tracey Anderson is my personal trainer:)

  7. it does get better, I promise. I used to have to bribe with treats afterwards and now both of mine ask if we are going everyday. Don't let your guilt get in the way of a good workout because I promise this doesn't last forever!

  8. It gets better... 4 kids later and I am pealing out of the school parking lot on 2 wheels every morning! :) -Ann


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