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October 11, 2011

Baby Boy Style

So I pinned a few things I like to kick off Baby Boy's wardrobe.
I'll be the first to admit, I'm Southern and I like my babies dressed like babies.
There will be plenty of time to dress him like a mini-matt soon enough.

What about y'all?
What's your infant style?


  1. Ha! This is so funny, I did a post very similar today ;) great minds think alike!!! I def. like my babies dressed like babies ;)

  2. Love this!I need to go check these out. Henry needs some more clothes!

  3. as you know, Urban Baby all the way!

  4. Try Jacadi and Cyrillus, you'll fall in love!

  5. Love it. Especially that first bubble adorable. Thought about you yesterday I went to the outlets and Ralph Lauren had some cute baby boy stuff. Sadly Sterling doesn't fit in the cute stuff anymore:(

  6. A-men! I do too! Dressing my babies like babies is very important to me bc thois phase is so fleeting! they can dress like minimmen the rest of their lives. Living in San Diego I get flack for it but who cares:) I actually have all of these outfits for my Reed. The bunting we got at nordies in Navy-it runs a little big fyi. It is so snuggly! Congrats on your boy again! you will love it!

  7. I agree completely! Babies are only babies for a short amount of time. They have some really cute stuff out there too (love your picks). My husband would have our boys dressed as teenagers asap if he had his way. :)

  8. Augh! I have that same Nordstrom snowsuit fleecy piece for Avery in pink and I LOVE it.

  9. ahhh I love boy clothes... I always have such good luck finding them!! and with your taste you will too!! Hope to see you soon!! xooxoox


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