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October 13, 2011


My mom and I found the most amazing children's shop at the mall in Atlanta last year.
A reader reminded me of it just the other day in my post on boys layette.

Jacadi, you rock.
I'm seriously so in love with the Parisian look.
I want every piece in the collection for my children's wardrobes.
For Baby Boy

And let's not forget to pick out some finds for Wells

And some nursery items free of primary colors or fuss

 Love Love Love

Also, I just wanted to report that I had another prenatal appointment yesterday (baby boy is perfect) and met with a different nurse practitioner.  
This one was meant to be.
She's from North Augusta, lived in Columbia, has one brother in Florence and another in Pawleys Island.  
It's her favorite place.  
Mine too.  
She was so sweet and just matched my personality perfect.  
She said she'd be happy to see me next time but wanted me to get a chance to meet some of the physicians in the practice so I could pick my favorite for my c-section.  
Thank you ma'am!



  1. I love Jacadi. Evie had some overalls and they were so adorable! Need to check this out for Henry. I am loving that you help me find his clothes. It's a lot harder to find boy clothes.

  2. Yup, I knew you'd love it! My husband is French so my mother in law sends clothing to our baby boy all the time from France, thank goodness, they have the BEST baby clothes and shoes!!!!!

  3. Why must you show me all this amazing stuff??? I really need to shake the money tree in the back yard...o wait !I don't have one:(( lovely ,lovely picks!

  4. We love Jacardi too! The PJs are the best and soooo soft! I have sometimes found it at TJ Maxx too! Keep your eyes out for it there. We have a shop in SF when we visit gaga and papa. It also washes beautifully!

  5. LOVE this line! see ya paycheck

  6. LOVE this, adorable stuff. And so glad you met a NP you love!!

  7. Yay for a nurse you love!!! Adorable clothes really! Why are you teasing me with this after I just dropped too much dough at the CrewCuts Trunk show!

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