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February 20, 2012

frozen peas

My all time favorite healthy snack.
I've been keeping a giant bag of frozen peas on hand lately and eating them by the bowlful for a healthy snack.  Hopefully it will help me shed some of this baby weight in time for Spring.
I've got Wells on the trend too and feel really good about mixing something green into her pretzel and cheerio diet.
What are y'all snacking on lately?



  1. I'm going to give this a shot. Izzy (and I) desperately need a good healthy snack.

  2. I need to try this. Usually I puree peas, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper and make a dip with endive leaves - instead of chips. Yummy! Or I eat clementines!

  3. Hmm, maybe I'll need to start snacking on peas! I've been snacking on popcorn; it's my favorite snack, even though it's not as healthy.

  4. I WISH that I would like snacking on this.

  5. Frozen peas are a great idea!

  6. My mom does this. Wish I could get excited about it - I may have to give it another go!

  7. Girl you are crazy snacking on frozen peas. But now you have me thinking I should try it..... I might like the crunch.


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