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August 3, 2014

Jeans for Fall | Womens + Mens Jeans

I completely apologize for the double post.  But after browsing the Nordstrom Sale this morning for my round-up post I went ahead and bit the bullet on a new pair of jeans for me and two for Matthew to try.  Y'all know I've been super faithful to my Rag & Bone's for the past two years but I decided to branch out a bit with Paige this time.  I purchased a pair of Paige white jeans this summer and have loved them!  I'll keep y'all posted when they arrive.  I honesty get a little stressed making such a large purchase but all three of these jeans go up in price tomorrow and I know I'll be kicking myself come October when I see the full price.



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  2. Really like my Paige jeans. The have a little more room around the waist area. But fit just right though out my legs. Highly recommend these jeans.

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