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August 8, 2014

Water Child

This girl loves the water.  She spends her mornings at the pool and then begs to play in the hose in the afternoon.  She'll wash cars, make swimming pools for her girls (the barbies and princesses and such), run through sprinklers, and dump cups of water on her head until dark.

There is a part of me that feels guilty for moving this water loving girl away from the beach.  I picture the kinds of summers we could be having there now that she's older and a bit less cranky mid-day.  That wouldn't really be the case though if we had stayed.  That would certainly have guaranteed a fear of the waves, right.

Her brother, on the other hand, will sit quietly playing with his trains in a chair under the umbrella, careful not to get wet.  The best we get from him is to sit on the side of the pool, with his feet swimming, until just the right game lures him in for a minute of careful splash-free fun.  Such a different spirit.

We've had the longest few days visiting old friends and staying up way past bedtime.  I'm so ready for the weekend!  I hope you have a good weekend too!


  1. Wells is such a cutie! Have a fabulous weekend!! xox

  2. Sweet girl!! My babies both LOVE the water too!!! But I agree you should move back here ;)

  3. I have a water child also and it used to terrify me when he was younger. Now that he is older and knows how to swim ,he is practically a fish!


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