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November 10, 2014

Babiators Discount Code

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Such amazing weather.  I was busy almost the entire weekend with family photography sessions while the kids stayed home with Matthew.  Sometimes it's nice for everyone to get a refresher course on what it's like for me to be gone all day.  Taking care of these two is not for the weak!  I also enjoyed quite a bit of quiet alone time in the car jamming along to my favorites playlist.  So good for the soul.

2.5 and 4 is turning out to be quite the hilarious age!  These two are playing (and bickering) all the time now and listening to their little conversations is such a treat.  There conversations are mostly about whether or not trains can play with princesses.  He says yes, she says no.

They're also super into bringing all of their little things with them wherever we go.  Especially Tagg.  He's like a traveling train store.  Special thanks to Babiators for sending the perfect size back pack for him to carry around his things.   Tagg is obsessed with filling up his rocket pack.  Did you know they make more than just unbreakable sunnies for littles? And FYI, mine are both in the classic size babiators. 

And as a treat for all of you they are offering 20% off your order now through November 16th wide code: PAWLEYSISLANDPOSH.  Shop all Babiators products here!

I've also decided I don't want to wait until December 1st to start decorating for the holidays so I'm going to start transitioning things in early so we can enjoy them longer.  It all goes by so fast.

And this pretty wreath with black & white striped ribbon will be my inspiration for it all!  I can't wait!

Happy Monday everyone!



  1. Yes to early Christmas decorating....why not enjoy it longer!!! I've pinned that boxwood wreath image as well and already grabbed black and white ribbon from Hobby Lobby last week. Now I'm just waiting for Trader Joes to start carrying the wreaths.

  2. I pinned that wreath too and can't wait to get one up in a few short weeks! I'm also about to run into Nordstrom to try on that navy dress - thanks for telling me who made it!

  3. I saw that pin of the wreath this weekend and grabbed stuff to make one too! Great minds!

  4. I cannot Handle Ws pose... love that sweet lady!

  5. Julia,

    Your style and creativity are so fun and clearly show on your precious family! Thanks for the beautiful wreath idea. I 100% agree that it's never too early to start enjoying the magic of the holidays in your home! I'm glad you're sharing your eye for style and love for your family with the world, it's a gift!

  6. You can also find Babiators a little cheaper with free shipping at My First Sungalsses Company. They also sell another cute line of baby sunglasses called Ro Sham Bo Baby made in Italy.


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