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December 3, 2014

Colorful Christmas Decor

As I mentioned yesterday I'm going into holiday decoration slow and steady.  There are so many styles and themes and I want to make sure I have a plan of action going forward that will serve me for years to come.  I'm usually drawn to neutrals but I like the idea of a colorful preppy Kate Spade inspired holiday.   Lots of greenery and a touch of black to keep it grounded and sophisticated.  Fun, right?  I love how fun this is for the kids as well as we mix in more of their handmade ornaments and projects into the mix.  I'm really loving all of the pink mixed in with red as well.  I basically want lots of boxwood, pink, red, and black & white stripes!

 faux boxwood wreath || striped ribbon || southern charm Christmas pillow || coco reindeer || Glass globe ornaments || Pom Pom Wreath || Holiday Dot Cocktail Napkins || Glitter Coasters || Kate Spade Cocktail Napkins || Holiday Taper Candles || blah blah blah ornament


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  1. Need that pillow💕💕💕

    1. they also a tree skirt and stockings :) I'm in love!!!!

  2. You're getting quite colorful in your home lately... I love it!! I'm really loving all of that 'Southern Charm' Christmas decor from Furbish this year! And those glass ornaments!

  3. You know I am all about the color! Bring on the pinks, greens, black, red, and let's not forget our beloved blue and white. And all the other colors in between! Have a wonderful holiday season, my friend. Don't fret. Resist the urge to do the everything all at once. New house, new vibes, new traditions. I've been in my house for 9 years and I still haven't figured it all out!

  4. I love the direction you're heading! I'm all about a neutral color scheme with pops of color for Christmas and every other part of the year. Like any other kind of decorating, there are lots of directions one can go, but I personally like for my Christmas decorations to blend fairly seamlessly with the year-round decor in my home.

  5. How fun! I love your inspiration!

  6. super cute! I meant to comment yesterday, but forgot. I'm totally with you, with feeling underwhelmed. I try to add things each year without spending tons since I'd rather buy gifts than seasonal decor. I've been sticking with a red, white, and gold palette. I have some hand me down angels and other crafts from when I was kid, so I love pulling them out and feel like they are cross between fun for the kids, but still somewhat grownup.


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