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December 6, 2014

Gift Guide | Bar Gifts for Men

My brother in law is in his mid twenties and has enlisted my husband and I to help him upgrade his bar situation for Christmas.  I've put Matthew on the actual alcohol portion of this task while I'm helping him transition past red solo cups.  I'd imagine the ladies he might be entertaining will be pleased to see some actual real live glassware and napkins in lieu of plastic.

I was actually really pleasantly surprised to hear of this idea.  In my mid twenties I went to many stock the bar showers to help couples upgrade from the days of drinking bourbon from college stadium cups.  But what about the awesome singles in your life who need that same set up?  It's not exactly a cheap gift, but how nice to go in with a few family members to gift a well stocked bar?  You don't even have to include the alcohol for it to be a really thoughtful and different idea.


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  1. Great choices, and great point about upgrading from Solo cups. ;) A stock-the-bar party would be a perfect tie-in with a housewarming, too. The 12-bottle bar book would be so handy for figuring out what liquor to buy!

  2. I love everything you've put together here! That gold bamboo bar cart is DIVINE!


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