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April 27, 2015

Denim Picks for Men

Welcome to Monday! No matter how much pep you put into it that just never sounds as good as Welcome to the Weekend.  But today the sun is shining and some of the pollen we're plagued with here in Virginia has been washed away.  I'm ready for the week ahead!

I've got a fun round-up of men's denim for you today.  Matthew actually owned a nice pair of jeans before we met so I've never had to be the trickster wife getting him to upgrade.  He actually wears his more often with a blazer and loafers but I've been trying to get him into a more casual look like the one below.  We'll see. Does your guy wear jeans?  Does he dress them up or more often wear them super casual? 

I pretty much always love a straight leg on guys.  They come in relaxed fit as well so it's a good update to the old wide leg look some guys try to buy for themselves.  We get it, bulging muscles can't be contained and all.  Anyway, these aren't your ladies skinnies but they do look more up to date.

Some of my favorite designers  like AG, Seven, Joe's, and JBrand make great guys jeans as well.  I'm also happy to see that Nordstrom has started price matching making some of my favorites now up to 30% off from prices we saw last fall.


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  1. My husband swears by the g-star raw denim, some of the cuts they do are pretty out there but they have some amazing classic jeans as well. I think they are a dutch company so that have plenty of options for taller guys. He happily wears them to the office for casual friday or with a t shirt and sneakers on the weekend :) Lucy x

    1. Love that he can wear them to casual Friday. My husband's office has a no jeans policy which is so outdated. His jeans and loafers are so much nicer than most people's idea of letting loose for work :)

  2. I might Want to wearing denim pants and g-star crude denim, a percentage of the cuts they do are really out there however they have some stunning excellent pants too.

  3. Great share! Even I have some awesome collection of Calvin Klein Jeans India online at #Majorbrands.


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