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September 24, 2015

Dairy, Egg, and Peanut Allergy || Safe Snack List

***I am updating this list as I find new snack items that are safe and am happy to report several new additions since I first published!***

I get emails a lot from people who have a child newly diagnosed with food allergies.  It's such an overwhelming and anxiety filled road to navigate and I'm happy to do anything I can do to make that journey feel less isolating for someone else.  Today I'm just offering out a few things that are safe snacks for those with dairy, egg, and peanut allergies. If there is anything you want to know or questions you have or topics you'd like to see me talk about regarding this just comment below or send me an email.  (

Plus I added in a picture of my sweet boy because he's way cuter to look at than a list of snack food!

I've been wanting to share my feelings on being a food allergy mom on here for well over a year but I've held back.  Mostly because when I start thinking about it too much my anxiety sky rockets and that's not helpful for anyone, least of which my family.  And I also don't want to give the false impression that my son is an "allergy kid" because he is so much more than that and I don't want that to be what people see first.  This article articulates really well what it's like to have a child who is not defined by his allergy but a motherhood that is.  This is my life.  I urge everyone to read it because I am an advocate for compassion and education.  Nothing more.   This article also gives a good look into an allergic reaction if you're curious.

If you or someone you love suffers from severe food allergies I also urge you to familiarize yourself with the FARE website and facebook page.  It's the best out there.  And please read all labels and do your own research;  I'm not a medical professional or an educator, just a mom.

My favorite lines from the article referenced above:

"a food allergy is a life-threatening condition that causes children to stop. breathing. immediately. It's very real... and it's very scary." 

"We know we're perceived as high-maintenance parents. And we feel badly about that because the level of diligence we're forced to have about the subject of food allergies may not be consistent with the level of diligence our personalities would normally reflect." 

Today my son's teacher is sending home a letter asking his classroom to become allergy friendly for him.  He is anaphylactic to dairy, egg, and peanut.  I'm still not sure how I feel about that.  I asked three times for her not to do that.  I'm not the kind to ever want to impose on others.  I'm not really sure how I feel about food bans in general.  Mostly because I know they don't work.  I've seen firsthand where peanut butter sandwiches were brought out in our nut free school.  Plus nothing in our world is truly safe.  There are sticky grocery carts and monkey bars and escalators and door knobs and elevator buttons in our world.  And they pose an indefinite threat to his breathing.  But I need to teach myself and my son how to navigate that.  He won't be kept in a bubble, now or later in life.  Plus, of all people I really and truly know first hand the struggle to find something to feed your child and asking others to do without something their child likes goes against my nature.  I hope they don't hold it against us.  I'm sure it's hard not to.

I also understand the teacher's need to feel more in control of her classroom and to eliminate as many scenarios for disaster as possible. These kids are three.  I get that because it's the same control I exercise at home.  I live with anxiety every day that I won't be able to spot the signs of my son not breathing or be able to distinguish fast enough an asthma attack from anaphylaxis.  I live with this all day every day and I'm not an expert, how can I pass that burden on to someone else?

One specific thing I get asked is what to feed them.  I've put together a list of all the snacks our Dairy, Egg, and Peanut Allergic son can have.  Please be sure to read all labels as some things change.  His allergies are severe so we have also eliminated anything that is processed on equipment shared with his allergens.  If you've got anything to add, I'd love to know!  I'll update this list as often as I can!

Rold Gold Pretzels (regular and honey wheat)
Wheat Thins
Ritz crackers
Back to Nature Crackers (spinach + roasted garlic, stoneground wheat)
Mary's Gone Crackers (gluten free and vegan)
Skinny Pop Popcorn (sold in large and individual sized bags)
Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn (lightly sweetened)
Kashi cereal bars (cherry vanilla, Blackberry Graham, Ripe Strawberry) 
Kashi crunchy granola & seed bars (chocolate chip chia)
Soy Yogurt
Coconut milk Yogurt
Fruit (apples, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, bananas, grapes, pears, oranges, mandarin oranges, etc.)
dehydrated mangoes, blueberries, strawberries
Wow Butter (peanut butter substitute, SunButter is another brand)
vegetables (cherry tomatoes, celery, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, sugar snap peas, etc.)
Un-buttered popcorn
Trader Joes Kettle Corn popcorn (sold in individual bags)
*Enjoy Life Brand Bars and cookies(they also make chocolate chips!)
*Cybele's cookies (snicker doodle, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chunk brownie)
*Nature's Bakery Fig Bar 
Lucy's chocolate chip cookies (no gluten, dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut)
Squeezable applesauce and other fruit flavors
Turkey slices
Ham slices
Field Trip Brand Jerky (beef or turkey)
Rice Cakes
HoneyMaid Graham Crackers
Oyster Crackers
Stacy's Pita Chips (original)
Veggie Sticks
Dry cereal (Cheerios, fruit loops/fruit bloopers, cinammon toast crunch)
Teddy Grahams (cinnamon, chocolate chip, chocolate, and birthday cake)
Black Beans, northern beans, pinto beans
Thomas Bagels (plain, cinnamon raisin, blueberry mini or regular)
Chex (any flavor except honey nut)
Annies Organic Pretzel Bunnies
avocados/guacamole with tortilla chips
Earth's Balance VEGAN white cheddar puffs (whole foods)
Earth's Balance VEGAN cheddar squares (whole foods)
Vans Waffles
Simple Truth Waffles (Kroger)
Brown Sugar & Cinnamon PopTarts 
*Ians Frozen Chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and bread crumbs for cooking
Daiya Vegan cheezy mac
Earth's Balance Vegan Mac + Cheese
Annie's Organic Vegan Mac + Cheese
Oreos (regular and vanilla)

*Made in a dedicated facility that is free of the top 8 allergens + gluten free


  1. Thanks for this and the articles to read. My son is allergic to all nuts (except almond) and eggs. His egg is very mild - he can eat it cooked in things, just not eat an actual egg.
    My daughter is allergic to just tree nuts -- I'm in constant anxiety and am always reading everything, it's exhausting. And I'm always scared that someone will give my son/daughter without my consent and they'll get sick. It's no fun.
    I hope all goes well with your little guy in school. It's definitely not easy. Xx

    1. I hear ya sista! Tagg's most severe reaction was with a neighbor when their sweet little five year old shared some plain M&M's with him. The adult in charge had no idea the kids had even gotten into the treats. Could happen to anyone! But you know what, every single other reaction including both really severe and mild have happened on my watch.

  2. Oreos are the best kept secret of the dairy-free world. I've never been one to eat cookies until I couldn't have them anymore and Oreos are a beautiful answer. Also, when the mood hits for some Nutella-like spread, I love Justin's almond butter: they have a chocolate hazelnut that's fantastic, but they do mention it's produced in a facility with peanuts, and you mentioned not wanting to chance that. You're doing a fabulous job!

    1. We actually stay away from all nuts because of cc risks, seems like all nuts are processed together. But oreos, oh man, oreos!!!!!

  3. As a mother of children without nut allergies, I wish all schools would just ban them and then still be vigilant about watching for the sneaky one. Please don't feel like you are putting us out--my child eating a peanut butter sandwich vs. your child having a serious allergic reaction is a no brainer. Our school has a no nut snack policy in the classroom, but a "nut table" and lunchbox pin for students who choose to bring them for lunch. Would be a lot easier to just ban them it seems to me. I don't send anything with nuts or nut equipment! Don't ever feel like you are causing problems for other people--keep that sweet boy safe!

    1. Seriously so nice to hear this perspective. You have no idea the imposition "allergy moms" feel in literally every situation outside our homes. It is so nice to know not everyone is always annoyed by us :)

  4. I enjoy reading your blog! My 5 year old has an epi pen for his tree nut allergies so I completely understand your anxieties. My anxiety has gotten even worse now that he's started kindergarten. I just had a baby 5 weeks ago and was exclusively breast feeding but she started having blood and mucous in her stool. My pediatrician told me she has a milk protein allergy so she's currently on a hypoallergenic formula. Did your son have these symptoms at this early of an age? I'm just curious if she will outgrow this or if this is something that will continue. Thanks for the websites! Will definitely check them out.

    1. the quick answer is yes, he did have symptoms very early on that raised my suspicions but our pediatrician at the time (we've since switched) dismissed my fears. I wish I had gone with my gut. I'll be sure to post more about that separately!

  5. I teach little ones one day a week for a Bible class, and have encountered several with allergies. Our facility is peanut free, but again, some moms "forget". A friend I teach with has a child with similar allergies (she does as well) to your sons. Our director is vigilant about purchasing snacks for the entire group that are on the safe list. My youngest was diagnosed with a severe wheat sensitivity a few years ago and I a gluten intolerance. I get it!! I would rather air on the safe side with little ones. No one wants to have to administer that epi pen nor call an ambulance. It is hard to be "singled" out, be "different", but kids/people are different and we need to do what we can to keep them safe. I have found that most parents are willing to put themselves in the shoes of the parent with an allergic child, and they would want just what you do, for your child to be in a safe environment. While you have to live with the allergies 24/7, they only have to deal with it for lunch/snack a couple days a week.

    1. It is so nice to know so many people get it! Thank you and good luck with your wheat avoidance, many of these items above are wheat or gluten free!

  6. Allergies are so scary. Thanks for sharing this list.

  7. This is such a great post! My kids thankfully don't have allergies but my close friend's kids do and I will be referencing this snack list a lot! Thank you for sharing it! You are always so honest about your feelings and helpful, one of the reasons why I always love reading your blog!

    Annie- All Things Big and Small

    1. Thank you so much girl! That is seriously so thoughtful of you. What a golden friend you are :)

  8. OH MY GOD WHAT TIMING! Seriously, that is insane. And one of the reasons i was such a mess is I'm already an advocate and tireless supporter of Alzheimer's....I didn't want to have to become the same for another cause. But because I don't believe in it, but because it wears on me. I'm tired. But this will help me immensely. Thank you so so so so so so much


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