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My new Favorite view + my new favorite drink.

September 9, 2015

Happy Wednesday everybody!  With the exception of a few of us, it looks like everyone is back in school.  How is going?  I love the first few weeks of school when routines are still followed and to-do lists get checked off and organization is still working!  Snack stations, backpack hooks, clean school clothes.  By November I'm already back at free for all scrounging for clean socks and safe pretzels about fifteen minutes before school starts.

 My brother in law made me a Gin + Tonic the other night and I'm hooked.  You know I've been trying to taste test my way to a new stiff drink.  Not everywhere we can go can accommodate a malibu baybreeze with pineapple juice, midori, a lime and a cherry :)  Our beach trip seemed like the perfect occasion but I found a winner on night one!

I've been adding the juice from half a lime to the gin + tonic so it tastes more like a limeaid but not as sweet.  It's so dang refreshing.  My husband doesn't like gin so this wasn't something I had thought to try but I love it so much more than vodka drinks.  I can't wait to try it served with a cucumber next, apparently that's the British way.  Done.   I'm going to garnish with rosemary and lime tonight so I'll let you know how that goes.

What's your favorite drink?  And what are some of your favorite beaches?  I've been up and down the East Coast from Maine to Florida and have a few loves like Nantucket, Pawleys Island, Debordieu, Sullivan's Island, Kiawah, Amelia Island, and St.Simon's Island. 

I keep seeing gorgeous pictures of the Gulf Coast and the West Coast and I'm dying to get out there and see first hand.  San Clemente is one in particular that keeps my attention the most on instagram!

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  1. We fell in love with gin & tonics in spain last summer. Fever Tree tonic is delicious and garnish with frozen grapes! Yum!

  2. Gin & tonics have been our summer drink for years! Substitute vodka with gin for hubby.

  3. If you travel to the West Coast be sure to check out Santa Monica Beach in California!! It's one of our favs for an action packed day at the beach

  4. I grew up living at South Litchfield in the summer and we got married at Debordieu, but Pawleys is a close third ;)

    xo, Paige


    1. Love it! We grew up going to Pawleys, I got engaged in North Litchfield, and we vacation in Debordieu 💗💗💗💗

  5. we truly are destined to be REALLY good friends... G+T are my go-to beverage!!!! p.s. try adding a cucumber slice in it instead of the lime and you may just love it even more... helps make it more refreshing and not too sweet ;)

    1. Love you! And can't wait to try it that way!

  6. I'm British and have never seen a G&T served with anything but a slice of lemon .... Sliced not squeezed or crushed it needs nothing else.


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