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September 29, 2015

Progress in our Boy's Room/Guest Rooom

Earlier this summer,  Perfect Linens reached out to me to see if I wanted try a set of their sheets.  At the time Wells and Tagg were smack in the middle of sharing a room for "sleepover summer" and Tagg's little twin bed was in her room.  We moved our old bed into his room to use as a guest room but kept his things in there so that whenever he returned it would still be his room.

I knew based on their different sleep habits that eventually Tagg would be back in his room and he'd just upgrade to the bigger bed.  This way when we have overnight guests (which is rare) we still have a big bed for them to sleep in and Tagg can just sleep in Wells' room for a night or two.

When browsing their sheets I made sure to pick something that worked for a little boy (blue details, of course) but still felt grown-up for when we have guests.  I also liked how they specialize in sheets and had a small curated collection to choose from.  They're 100% cotton an so cool and soft.  Our little man has really sensitive skin so this is a must for him.  I'll probably pick up a pair of fun kids sheets for him at some point but I like that my sister won't have to sleep on cars or trucks when she visits next!

 Perfect Linens is offering all of you a $35 discount using code: PAWLEYS35!

A special thank you to perfect linens for allowing me to pick out a pair of sheets to try!   All selections and opinions are all mine!



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  2. I love the new linens. His room is absolutely perfect!

  3. We have those same sheets and LOVE them! Tag's room looks adorable!


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