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November 9, 2015

FALL UPDATES + Nordstrom Clearance Sale!

I know I've been missing around here for a few weeks.  Life has been getting in the way again.  I'm knee deep in fall sessions for photography.  And I've had some volunteer stuff to get through at school.  Which is all amazing.  I've been so lucky to be able to maintain that side gig over the past few years.  I am really fortunate to still take on new clients each season, but it's the return of past customers that is the best.  It is incredible fun to see babies grow up right in front of my lens.  Many of these families feel like friends and it's such a fun time for me to capture their growing children and families.

It hasn't been all fun and games though.  I've been feeling really overwhelmed with Tagg's food allergies and asthma lately and keeping him safe and included in things.  I'm not sure if my recent post tipped the scales for me and there was a lot more emotion waiting to come out that I just sealed back up.  The week before last was a doozy.  Sick kids, sick me, no one was sleeping.  I had a lot on my plate and on Halloween night I suffered from a panic attack.  It was horrible and terrifying.  I'm going to write a post on that soon.  I mentioned it on instagram because it feels right to talk about it and I think it's good to share with each other.  I'm a humongous believer in letting things out.  Letting go and letting God.  Neither of which you can do if you're holing it in silently.

I also have been keeping my eye on some of the sales going on and the big Nordstrom clearance sale is no different.  The weather here is shifting and I'm happy to get some new warm and pretties.  I know a new sweater won't solve my anxiety.  But I can look cute in the waiting room while I wait to talk to my doctor.  Or while I grab coffee with a friend to let it all out.

cowlneck long sweater ($27.90 and obsessed with this in every color!) || peplum open front cardigan || geo pattern open cardigan || long open side sweater || fringe poncho || toggle sweater cape || black long sleeve a-line dress || fuzzy fleece one button cardigan || Jack Rogers lace up Wedge Booties || Sam Edelman d'orsay pumps (obsessed with every color and this price is bananas! $65!) || leopard flats || tory burch cross body bag || tory burch handbag || infinity scarf

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  1. Being a momma is tough. You try so hard to keep them healthy and happy and sometimes despite all efforts it still doesn't work. Seeing them upset or hurt over something you can't control is the worst :( I totally get it. You're doing a great job momma. On a different note - those flats have been my everyday shoe lately. If you don't already, you should snag them up!

    1. love you girl! I have three pairs of leopard flats so I am trying really hard not to order these.....but then again maybe I should, clearly they're a must for me :)

  2. I struggled this year with anxiety and finally did the unthinkable...I gave up caffeine. I'm a diehard coffee lover and it hasn't been easy, but the change has been amazing. I drink green tea now (which still has some caffeine). I figured if EVERY piece I read on anxiety suggested giving up caffeine then I should probably do it. It has made a HUGE difference.

  3. Hugs! I have been there with anxiety and panick attacks. Adding a second child and stresses of life were the contributing factors. It's a very scary feeling. The mom gig is a hard one! And if you add perfectionist to the list it's even more difficult. Thank you for sharing, as it helps others realize they aren't alone in the struggle. Keep writing, it's great therapy for us all.


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