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November 12, 2015

Toys and Shoes for Kids that are a hit year after year (kids gift guide)

When it comes to outfitting the kids, I take the same approach I take myself.  Buy a few things you really love and wear them.  Simple right.  There are few staples that we keep going back to for the kids each time they grow.  I've rounded up a few of the shoes and coats for girls and boys that we've been buying for years and will continue to buy in bigger sizes as they get older.  They're cute, comfortable, and hold up well.  I've come to realize that too many options causes more craziness and having a smaller selection for them to pick from makes life easier on everyone.

I'm also sharing a few of the toys we acquired over the last few years that are still getting played with.  So refreshing to see things that last and evolve with them as the kids get older.  Their interests are certainly expanding and we add new things in, but it's nice to see some old standby's still get used.

I thought this was perfect timing since so many people are trying to get started on their Christmas lists.  Everything I've rounded up is something we have and love and I really think your little bugs will enjoy as well!

toys! toys! toys!  As much as I can attest to both of my children being obsessed with boots, they are 3.5 and 5 and toys steal the show.  I've rounded up all of our favorites plus a few more that they love at friend's houses.

A special thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  I know there are many places you can find these items but it's so nice that Nordstrom is now carrying them so you can shop in one place.  Makes life so much easier when you're tracking your holiday spending or need to make a return.  And you can do it all from your house so you're not running around town sourcing toys from one place and boots from another! 



  1. I love these posts! You have such classic style and I always shoot to dress my kids like you dress yours. So classic! And those toys are all such winners! When you invest in good toys then you don't to buy them as often! Hope you had a restful weekend, I know you mentioned that things have been a bit crazy lately in an earlier blog post. Hope all is well with Tagg and the rest of the family!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

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