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April 25, 2016

What Your Rooms Say About You (or so my life coach says)

 What Your Rooms Say About You (or so my life coach says).

For the past few months I've been working with a life coach.  My quick description is that it's like therapy-lite.  We're working on my goals, both short term and long term, and how I can get there and what obstacles (mostly of my own creating) are holding me back.  I'm trying to find out who I really am as an individual beyond wife and mother and what will really fulfill me.  How to be the best version of myself which will in turn make me a better wife and mother.

It's like meeting with your really insightful and compassionate friend who is aware of all the latest cool information on self-actualization and mindfulness and motivation and knows how to keep the conversation focused and moving deeper.  She lets me talk about myself the whole time in a caring and supportive manner.  She knows the exact right question to ask to make me analyze my thoughts and dig a bit deeper.  Basically, I've hired myself a cheerleader with no strings attached to the outcome.  To sum it up, if you're like me and used to be obsessed with the old "What's your BLANK style" from Seventeen Magazine or Cosmo and you suddenly find yourself wholly relating to the title (maybe not the entire plot line) of "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" then you might find it a good fit for you too.

teepee || chairs (similar look for less) || pillows || rug (currently 70% off) || lamp (Similar) || black and white beach print || bench (similar) || 

Anyway, back to the room thing.  This week we touched upon a fun little exercise about how the rooms in your home are a reflection of you. Duh, that's nothing new right.  But let's dig deeper.  More specifically, how you verbally describe both your favorite and your least-liked room is in direct correlation to how you view yourself.  Try it.  What do you love about it, why?  What do you hate about it, why?  The words you use to describe them will typically mimic the way you feel about yourself.  Your shortcomings, what you wish you could change, your strengths and gifts to the world.


I'd love to know if this was true for you; although please don't feel like you need to divulge all your answers.  I thought it was really fun and helpful for me to think about and I know some of y'all will love this exercise too!

*As you can see the blog has gotten a much needed makeover.  I needed a fresh start.  Unfortunately, my post titles have mysteriously disappeared and I can't seem to figure out how to make the entire post display on one page without the second click.  So annoying.  I'm sorry.  I've emailed the IT person to hopefully get this resolved asap.


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    1. Thank you, it feels good to be back :)

  2. Immediately... I said to myself what frustrates me the most about OUR home is that I have to accommodate another person's tastes and preferences. It's not all about me. But... upon greater reflection I realize in order for each of us to be comfortable in each room of our home we must accommodate each other's tastes or preferences - and compromise as needed by choosing color, style, etc. that we can agree upon to fill up our home... which upon greater reflection might be one of the important keys to a happy marriage... If you're unwilling to give in on something like decor you send a loud message of priorities in your life to your partner. Thanks for making me stop and think about such things so early in the morning! ha!

  3. I love it! I'm all about deep thoughts early in the morning. Now try having a real conversation with me after 6pm and it's pointless. ha!

  4. What an awesome activity, I just wrote these down on paper so I can carry them with me going forward. Welcome back too, we have missed you! Xo, Stephanie

  5. I've always wondered what a life coach could teach me. Do you mind sharing the name of your coach? I live in the RVA area too (Chesterfield) and would be interested in checking him/her out. Thanks!

  6. Am trying to find a teepee like yours but etsy shop you link to is on Vacay? Any other suggestions? Thanks!!


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