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July 15, 2016

Men's Essentials

On the surface this post is going to be about Men's Fashion.  A few essentials every guy should have in their closet.  But I want it to be about a little bit more than that.  I don't want to lose sight of the fact that a man who absolutely hates to have his picture taken went outside with me in the 90something degree heat after a long day at work and posed for me so I could work with one of my favorite stores.  And when I didn't like any of the pictures I took he hopped in the car with me so we could do it all over again somewhere else.  That's love, y'all.

I know that movies and the media will tell you love is flowers and date nights but after 10 years together I can tell you it's not.  Date Night is fun and so important, don't get me wrong.  But honestly, I could have a fabulous night out with a slug so long as there was good food and my kids were at home with a sitter.  Real love is felt when he does the things you know he doesn't want to do all because you asked.

One thing I don't have to ask him to do is dress well.  Matthew has always had good style and I would say he actually has a better wardrobe than me. Which is mostly awesome because I never have to worry about what he'll show up in.  But, it's not always fun that I have to split our clothing budget with him!  If your guy needs a little help just send him to Nordstrom and rest assured he'll come out looking handsome.  If you don't have a store in person remind him that it's always free shipping and free returns so he can order away online and try things on at home.  That's probably your best bet when dressing a guy regardless.

We both dress pretty classic and preppy and where I go a little bo-ho he goes outdoorsy.  And now he wears a suit to work everyday and I'm pretty in love with that look too.  Man, there is just something about a man in a suit.  I can never decide which look I like better, the laid back southern preppy outdoorsman or the dapper in a suit look.  I think I actually just like the fact that he pulls off both effortlessly.  

I can't talk about men's clothes without mentioning that the best non-iron button downs are just over $30 right now.  Time to stock up!  They make great Christmas presents for my Dad, brother, brothers in law, and father in law.  I'd say for Matthew too but since he does his own shopping I'm pretty sure he's already helped himself to a few.

I've partnered with Nordstrom on this post but the selections and the hottie above are all mine. 

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