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August 27, 2016

Lounging Around

Y'all know I'm a huge fan of black leggings.  I firmly believe they should be a constant staple in every woman's wardrobe going forward because of their supreme comfort.  But you want to know what's even better?  Sweatpants.  While I like a nice tight legging holding it all in when I leave the house I prefer a nice loose don't touch me in too many parts pair of sweats when I'm relaxing at home.

sweat pants || drink rose´sweatshirt || coffee now please sweatshirt || this wine is making me awesome sweatshirt || v-neck tee (2 for $38) || lounger pants || eberjey heather pants || white wine all the time || rose´ all day || Ugg tall boot socks || woven pear I see you socks || saturday pants || sweatshirt ($27 with code: weekofstyle) || linen v-neck tee (13 colors and only $17 with code: weekofstyle) || linen tank top (13 colors and only $17 with code: weekofstyle) || pompom trim tee ($17 with code: weekofstyle) || slippers

And no good loungewear post would be complete without rounding up some pretty pajamas as well!

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  1. If you belong to Costco you should pick up a pair of the joggers they have right now for $10- they are amazing!!

    1. Whaat? I was just there on Sunday and didn't see them. I'm going to have to search that down, can't beat that price!


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