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November 22, 2016

A Little Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house!  I love to start decorating before Thanksgiving and take my time doing it.  I usually do a room a night and by December I get to just sit back and enjoy it.  The kids love to help now which is so much fun.  I love the tree with just white lights but we'll start adding in colored lights and ornaments on December first with the kids.

The kids also each have a tree in their rooms that they got to decorate last week any way they want.  And by tree I mean an entire Christmas section.  They literally sorted through our entire Christmas stash and claimed almost everything for themselves.  It's so cute!  I told them I may have to borrow a few things or the downstairs will be pretty empty this year ;)

What about you, do you decorate before Thanksgiving or wait until later December?  Growing up we had a live tree that we picked out the second week of December and immediately came home and trimmed with white lights and ornaments.  There was no theme as it was entirely sentimental ornaments from my parents childhood and things my siblings and I made.  It's still like that now which is pretty cool.  What's your decorating tradition?



  1. Pretty fireplace! We host Thanksgiving so I don't start decorating for Christmas until Friday, but I can't wait! I put up two trees - one live and one artificial. We usually get the live one the second week in December. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and have fun decorating!

  2. This made me laugh! Love that your children have their own trees. Our main tree is in our living room in the picture window of course, but I finally convinced my husband two years ago for a second tree in our family room for all the gingerbread and cupcake ornaments. This year my almost 6 yr old daughter asked for a tree for her room and naturally little brother asked too. So now, a 4 ft tree in each of their rooms. Our trees have no theme; I was given an ornament each Christmas growing up and we have continued the tradition with our children. No shortage of ornaments here! Happy Happy Christmas!


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