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December 8, 2016

My Favorite Things | The Ultimate Cozy Christmas

Dec. 8, 2016

First of all, thank y'all so much for all the Birthday love.  I still can't believe I'm 35.  When does the feeling like an actual grown up part kick in?!  I started dating my husband when I was 24 and he told me he loved me for the first time on my 25th birthday.  I remember thinking how old and in love we were but now an actual decade later I can't help but reminisce on those moments the same way I do with baby pictures of my kids; how freaking adorable and young we were?!  And it's cool to think that in another ten years we'll be thinking the same thing about today.

The Brad Paisley song, I thought I loved you then, comes to mind.

Second, sorry about the comment-gate situation.  I switched to moderating comments a few weeks ago and now blogger sends me an email when someone comments so I can approve it.  Well, apparently not for every comment because when I clicked on comments behind the scenes this morning there were a TON of your sweet warm wishes just waiting to be published.  Ooops!  So if you entered to win the giveaway and still don't see at least one of your comments just let me know and I'll add your name in the hat! 

Third, my friend Shannon stopped me in the hall at school yesterday to ask when I was going to get my Christmas list post up so she could send it to her husband.  Today is the day my friends.  I'm going to make my girl ride the bus and pop my sweet pea in front of the ipad so I can spend a few hours looking for the best of the best on the web!  Hopefully it will help give you some ideas for the loves in your life and will be a good resource for you to forward on to your husbands for your own presents under the tree!  Today is all about the cozy for Christmas!  I've already started working on a fancy pants line up as well so stay tuned!

barbour jacket || patagonia better sweater || zella pullover || zella leggings || vans || s'well bottle || robe || Ugg poncho || fur eye mask || barbour puffy coat || flannel pajama pants || this wine is making me awesome sweatshirt || bow pajamas || lake pajamas || poncho || jogger sweatpants || plaid scarf || cashmere lined leather tech gloves || slippers || slipper socks with faux fur lining || new balance shoes || charcoal beauty mask (send me an email if you order this or any other beautycounter products because I made the cutest gift tags to go with several products and I'm happy to send you a pdf to print out and use) || rejuvenating eye cream || striped slippers ||


J.Crew is having a B-A-N-A-N-A-S sale where you get 30% off your entire purchase OR 40% off if you spend $200+ with code: PRESENTS


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