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March 27, 2018

Kitchen Update

I shared some progress in our kitchen with y'all a few weeks ago and yesterday I finally snapped a few pictures with the updated cabinet paint color.  I picked Repose Gray because it was a warm greige without any obvious blue tint.  I tested several colors after looking at the work of some of my favorite kitchen renovators-Studio McGee and Humphrey Munson-who both nail it on the head with kitchens that look at once both brand new and as though they've been there forever.  Y'all know I love  classic and timeless :)

Our house is a dutch colonial in a very traditional area so I wanted to keep the integrity of the house in mind with that nod to the past but also with a fresh take and updated details to make sure it really felt like us and went with the bright and airy feel with have in the rest of the house.  We've had white cabinets for the past five years and I was so TIRED of CLEANING them.  White cabinets show every single smudge and speck of dirt.

Still lots to be done and some fun decisions to make on lighting and shelving.  I'll keep you posted as we progress.


  1. I love the changes! We have white cabinets and three kids. I understand needing to clean them often! I might have missed an update, but are you guys staying in this house? I thought you guys put your house on the market.

    1. I don't think I've given a proper update, I need to do that :)

  2. What type of vent do you have? a pop-up?


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