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March 23, 2018

My Morning | Dream v. Reality

This morning was a crazy tornado.  We all woke up late and in 30 minutes, all before making coffee, I managed to: take my pills, cook sausage for Tagg's lunch, pack his lunch, fill water bottles, fix and pack snacks, find Tagg's missing shoe (in the family room where Wells conducted an investigation yesterday involving all of our shoe soles), feed the dog, take the dog out to pee, clean up the dog's pee from the floor (yes, in that order-puppies!), turn Tagg into Dennis from Roblox including a homemade I Love Cat shirt (insert giant eye roll here), argue with Wells about riding the bus v. having her Daddy drive her (neither were acceptable options to her at 6:55am), fix my coffee, and give the dog a bone (literally, ha).  Now, I'm sitting down at my computer with a cup of coffee and it's quiet.

The entire episode is kind of like my experience with motherhood so far; crazy and loud and too much most of the time, but now it's still.  There is so much stillness now.  My babies are 6 & 7 and for the most part they're able to do all the things I thought they'd never do. They get up, get dressed, put their own shoes on, and walk out the door.  So here I am daydreaming about a magazine spread morning but also realizing that this time is already passing by so fast and I don't want to wish it all away.  The days are long but the years are short.  But that doesn't mean a mama can't dream about a quit morning somewhere pretty ;)

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  1. I'm with you! I looked at my little one-year-old last night and watched her walk around my parents' living room and just sat astonished... she was barely toddling around a couple of weeks ago! How does it go so fast? Working on finding little ways to improve our quality of life to maximize this time and not miss a moment.


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